How to let go of someone you Love

     There are many situations, in life, when the time arrives to let go of someone you love. First we must consider the different situations in which the “letting go” takes place. Heartache is a very profound tool for the soul, in that she teaches us things about ourselves.

     Divorce is a situation that involves “letting go”, but is not necessarily a permanent situation. Spouses keep in touch for the children, alimony, straightening the finances out and putting a lid on the terrible marriage. There exists a bit of a grieving process with a divorce. To deal with this grief some people buy flashy what-nots to fill the void. Remember the healing process belongs to time.

     The death of a family pet can reek havoc on a household. Especially, on families that considered the pet a “member” of the family, with all of the benefits. The grieving process needs to be applied here also. One method for dealing with the grief is to find a new pet. Although, this new pet may fill the void. It is not going to replace the lost pet.

     Dealing with a friend or associate passing on. Whether the loss comes from an accident, a horrible disease, or old age this type of loss can be devastating. Unfortunately, the survivors must, inevitably, grieve.

     A more powerful, and destructive, loss is that of an elderly relative. I remember the pain and confusion that I went through when my Grandpa Leo passed on. He developed prostate cancer and went from 278 pounds to a mere 76 pounds. When someone touched him his skin would turn black as if bruised. I spoke with him, in his morphine state. I asked him if the medicine was helping and he shook his head and requested that I put “Wheel of Fortune” on and turn the volume down. He died the very next morning. I cried for several months. In fact, to this day, It stops me in my place and makes me realize exactly what is important. I still grieve.

     The most devastating loss, would have to be that of a child. They are, by and large, helpless, naive and sweet. They do not anything yet, and tend to blow you away when they come up with off-the-wall ideas. One of my sons wants to build race cars. I believe he could, if he gave it his all. It would destroy me, as a human and a feeling person to ever have to deal with this type of loss. But, I would have to grieve.

     The most important way to let go of someone you love. Is to not let go of them. You have to bring back all of the good times. Try and remember at least one good thing about somebody, even if they lived their lives on the sinful side. They were alive. That is a perfect reason. They were children once. Ask someone that would know some comical thing about them that can get you through the heartache. You must grieve. That is how to let go of someone you love, and it is the only way to truly let go.