How to Interpret Dreams about Snakes

Snakes slithering through dreams, sliding along hallways, twisting around branches, their forked tongues flitting in and out of their mouths; what does it all mean? Many people have disturbing or happy dreams. The underlying interpretation for any one of such dreams tends to relate to what they personally feel an object or being represents to them.

Dreams about snakes may be interpreted in several different ways if you look to psychologists for answers. Some will tell you that snakes represent sexuality and hidden desire. In these dreams, snakes mean that the dreamer has a hidden urge or fantasy that they are repressing, although it is coming out in their sleeping life.

Other psychologists may tell you that a dream about a snake means that you unconsciously sense something untoward is afoot, hence the term, ‘a snake in the grass.’ In this case, the dream would be warning you to look at people around you who may be shifty, or worse still dangerous, unpredictable or downright liars.

There are both universal symbols, which are interpretations people share for things, and personal interpretations you can give to things that originate out of your experiences and feelings.

If you dream of a snake, to correctly interpret your dream, you need to begin by thinking about what a snake may represent to you. The best way to do this is to think about experiences you have had with snakes, including stories you may have been told as a child that might have influenced you.

Jot down your thoughts on the subject of snakes, but don’t think too hard, or attempt to write anything in particular. Let your thoughts flow on to the paper, using both singular words as they pop up in your mind, and sentences when they come to you.

It may be that you associate snakes with a universal symbolic meaning, such as with a slippery character. Alternatively, your mind may conjure up a very different meaning that makes sense to you as an individual, rather than to the masses.

Whatever you discover about your dream about snakes, don’t be afraid. Your brain is complex and clever; it is wired to withhold and release information when it is most needed.

Sometimes people understand certain things on an unconscious level, but that information hasn’t yet filtered through to their conscious mind. Dreams often present them with such information in symbolic form. This may be because when they are asleep they use different parts of their brain to when they are awake and active. Their basic instincts can come to the fore, including primitive urges, and simplistic language portrayed in picture form.

Sometimes your dreams may seem far more complex than that, being confusing and hard to interpret. However, that’s often because you don’t look at what’s obviously right before you, and you seek a more challenging meaning for your dreams than is necessary.

When you dream of snakes, the right interpretation for you is with in your grasp, and can only truly come from you as it’s your brain that has conjured up your friend or foe.