How to Identify the Constellation of Libra

Libra is a unique constellation in the zodiac that displays an inanimate object which is the scales. There are 12 constellations of stars that make up the zodiac and Libra is one of them. In astrological lore, Virgo is a goddess of justice. This goddess is named Astraea and this is who holds the scales of Libra. The stars in Libra are quite dim. This makes them harder to locate in the night sky. They can be located easier by neighboring constellations. The easiest way to do this is to locate Virgo first. Between the months of June and July, the nights are clear. It is during these months that the constellation reaches it’s highest point of visibility in the night sky.

The Big Dipper has a larger constellation. The Big Dipper looks like a large spoon that is outlined by four stars that form the bowl and the other three stars that form the handle. Follow the arc of the handle down and look to the left and you will see a bright orange star. This bright orange star is called Arcturus. Spica is the next bright star you will see and it is located in Virgo. Spica star represents the bundle of wheat that the virgin carries in her left hand. When Spica is located, you will see that directly downward is Libra. Libra is dim and it is shaped like a diamond.

Studying the constellations can be quite entertaining and interesting as well as a very good educational experience. Viewing them with a telescope is more exciting. It can provide entertainment for the whole family. Libra is a Latin word that means weighing scales. Libra is the only sign that does not represent a living creature. Libra is a sign that many associate with law and civility. In the early 1800s, the scales of Libra were often thought of as the claws of the Scorpion. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is during the late spring or early summer when Libra is visible. The scales of Libra do not hang straight down, but you will notice that they swing to the left. Everything in the night sky has a meaning and a purpose and every star has a name. Astrologers have been studying the constellations forever. They relay their findings to the public. There are many people who love to study the stars and the zodiac. Some people believe the zodiac tells stories of the past and the future.