How to Grow Epsom Salt Crystals

Epsom salts have many uses.  They can be used to help swelling go down when the swollen place is soaked with Epsom salts and water.  They can be used to help your garden grow better by adding nutrients to the soil.  They can also be used in the laundry to help the clothes stay and look bright and clean.  But you can also have fun with them and use them for decorating. 

Epsom salts can be obtained in the pharmacy section of most stores.  Sometimes it is found in the laundry section. 

To make the crystals you need Epsom salts, water, and a shallow bowl or dish.  A paper bowl will do well.  You can also have a sponge and food coloring handy.  You will need one-half as much Epsom salts as water.  Be sure to measure the water before you boil it so you know how much Epsom salts to add.

Bring the water to a boil, then remove it from over the heat.  Stir in the Epsom salts until they are dissolved.  Add food coloring if you want colored crystals.  Make the color a little darker than you would like it to turn out.  The color will be lighter after the crystals form.  If you want different color crystals, divide up the Epsom salt water before you add the food coloring.  You can also mix different colors together to get different results.

Pour enough liquid in the bowl of dish to cover the bottom.  Then put it in a spot where it will get a lot of sun or warm air.  As the liquid evaporates, the crystals will form.  If you use a sponge instead of the bowl, the liquid will evaporate faster and the crystals will form faster.  It normally takes about three days for the crystals to form.  The crystals will be long and thin like spikes.

Make sure you do not eat the Epsom salt crystals.  You can use them for decoration.  Put them in a bowl or a clear container and set them in the middle of the table.   You can also put small stones in the bottom of the bowl before you pour in the mixture.  It will make a pretty decoration.  You can use different kinds of stones. 

You can also use a terry cloth and wipe some of the mixture on your windows.  Just be sure to put it all the way to the edge.  When it dries, the crystals will look like frost on the window.  This is a good decoration for winter.  After it dries, you can use a damp rag to made decorations or words in your “frost.”  The crystals will clean up easily with water and a paper towel.  They should last about three weeks on the windows.

So, go out and buy your Epsom salts and have fun with them.