How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets? Top Ways to Kill Wasps

Were you just taking a walk, cooking something in the kitchen, thinking about something alone in your room? Or did you go to a garage, or just had a meal and got bit by very stingy wasp, commonly known as yellow jacket? Well, these kinds of wasps wander around as your pets to the point they feel safe. With their aggressive nature, they tend to get offended by the slightest of moment in an alienated environment. Their rigorous attitude, unauthorized behavior and vicious acts of small violence lead everyone to ask, ‘How can I get rid of yellow jackets?’

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Due to the excessive volatile nature and socially active responses, removal might not be as easy as turning off the switch button but there are some ways researched and laid down below to control or remove yellow jacket wasps from your surroundings. Follow our guidance to know about:

  • 1. Yellow Jacket Sting Treatment
  • 2. Methods of killing wasps
  • 3. How to make a yellow jacket trap
  • 4. Safety tips.

How to kill yellow jackets? – Control Guide

The pesky nature of these wasps sometimes hinder the smooth routine you want to carry out. Removal of gnats is difficult but killing wasps is even harder. Follow our guidelines that show top ways to kill yellow jackets.

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1) Yellow Jacket Exterminators: For the removal of these indignant insects, buy a yellow jacket exterminator designed specifically for wasp nests. Did you know that a nest can inhabit up to 3,000 wasps? That makes it pertinent to use the correct compounds. To destroy their colony, usage of synthetic wasp net exterminator is recommended, as they work instantaneously and may be the solution to your problem. Be careful when using these chemicals because they entail hazardous toxins and require extreme care if around food or humans. Another alternative may include treatment by organic wasp eradicator. Plant oils and some fatty acids have been incorporated in these natural eradicators that are biodegradable and much safer for human beings.

2) The strength of these wasps drastically increases in temperatures above 50F and falls below this temperature. So the best time to attack them is in late   spring. The attack should be done at night because at that time they are inactive.

3) Get a flashlight. Take red cellophane and put it on the face of flashlight. This is advised due to the fact that they cannot see in red light and your movement around them won’t be noticeable outside their nest. In case you do not have cellophane, try to aim the flashlight away from the nest when you are trying to approach them at night.

4) Prevent Yellow Jacket Stings: To prevent these ruthless wasps from stinging you, wear a long sleeve jacket and put on gloves. Keep in mind that these wasps do not die after biting a human. Unlike honey bees, they would keep on stinging you depending on the intensity they are feeling irritated.

5) Take some amount of aerosol or dust and apply it onto their nest. If the nest is found on ground, put dust into the hole and cover it with soil.

6) Spray the aerosol directly into the nest, if the nest is on the exterior. Read the direction of aerosol package before applying.

7) Wait for situation to calm down and confirm the killing of yellow jackets by carefully observing the flying activity. If there is none, then you have achieved your goal.

Home remedies for getting rid of yellow jackets:

Boiling Water

A productive way to exterminate wasps is to use boiling water. This is certainly a practical method to remove an underground hive. As the water can flow freely down, it kills the occupants residing there. An extra advantage that boiling water guarantees, is no harm to surrounding plants or animals. This technique has its constraints. Boiling water needs to be treated with care and cannot be applied on hives made on ceilings, rooftops or anywhere high.

Mint Oil

Mint oil is another effective product that helps you kill yellow jackets. You may not be able to apply it on a flying insect or a high range hive, but if applied on low-level surfaces may induce some good results. Due to its malicious nature, animals should be kept away from it.

Wasp Traps

You can also make a yellow jacket wasp trap out of a 2 liter bottle. Just follow the given steps

  • i) Cut the bottle in half
  • ii) Take some sugar and fill the lower half of bottle with it
  • iii) Place the upper half upside down in the lower half
  • iv) Seal off the outer edge with tape to make it airtight
  • v) Now these stingy wasps would want to get in, and they eventually will to get the sugar inside. Ironically, they won’t be able to get out once they enter.

This is a very productive home remedy to get rid of yellow jackets wasps.


1. If you are eating outdoors, cover the food and drinks as soon you are done eating. It is advisable to throw the wasted food in a trash can that is fully covered. Garbage cans with loose lids can make a passage for them to hunt food.

2. Do not wear bright-colored clothes such as red, or orange while you are near them.

3. Wearing Perfumes and other scents should be avoided when you are in or even near the area where they breed and wander.

4. Try not to swat them as they may sting you in the process.

5. Read the guidelines on yellow jacket exterminators before you use them.