How to Fuse a Fireworks Show

Would it be great to light a fuse then sit back and watch your backyard fireworks show with friends and family? With a little work you can do just that. The entire show can be fused together with safety fuse and strands from a copper wire. The beauty of taking the time to fuse your fireworks show is the time it saves in between watching one firework and lighting the next. The best part is being able to have more then one going at the same time.

You will need some ten gauge stranded copper wire, a pair of wire cutters/strippers, safety fuse, and fireworks. You can purchase a safety fuse on the Internet or from the place you purchase the fireworks. Make sure you purchase plenty of safety fuses. They usually come in ten foot lengths.

Cut a couple of three inch lengths from the copper wire and strip all the insulation off. Unwind the strands so you have single very thin wires. You will be using them to connect the safety fuse to the fireworks fuse.

Take 6 inches of safety fuse, light one end and see how long it takes to burn all the way through. This way you can judge how much fuse to run between each firework.

Line up your fireworks in the order you want them to go off. Run safety fuse in a line in front of the fireworks. Make the amount of fuse between fireworks equal to the amount of time it takes for the last firework to get done.

Most fireworks will give some indication as to how long they will last. Don’t worry that much about getting this exactly right. Worse case you will have a few seconds with just fuse burning or you will have two fireworks going at the same time for a few seconds.

Now connect the fireworks fuses with the safety fuse by wrapping the two together with the copper wire strands. Make sure it is wrapped tight and both fuses are touching each other. If you’re not sure you have it correct, just try it with one firework and a short peace of safety fuse.

You can also run a small bit of safety fuse from the main line to more then one firework. You can even have several fireworks light at the same time at the end for the grand finale.

Once you try this once, all your fireworks shows will be fused. Now when it’s time to do fireworks, kick back and enjoy the show with only one quick fuse to light. You can even make the first firework back a few inches so you have time to get to your seat.