How to Extend the Life of Batteries

There never seems to be enough batteries to go around when you need them.  There are probably dozens of devices in your home that require batteries to operate, and if you’re like most people, you buy replacement batteries several times a month.  Considering the cost of replacement batteries, the expense adds up quickly.  One easy solution is to extend the life of your batteries so that you have to replace them less often.  Try these tips that will help you save money and also help create fewer dead batteries to end up in landfills.

1) Buy rechargeable batteries

Rechargeables cost a little more up front, but in the end you’ll save money by having to purchase less batteries over time.  According to global-batteries, a company specializing in different types of batteries for a variety of devices, rechargeable batteries can last up to five years for most consumers.  Comparatively, non-rechargeable battery life is measured in hours.

2) Store your batteries in the refrigerator

We’ve all heard this one.  Turns out it’s true.  Storing your batteries in a plastic bag inside of your refrigerator when not in use will actually extend the life of your batteries.  Before use, take the batteries out and let them warm up to room temperature.  Battery power is sluggish when the batteries are cold, which is the reason this trick works.  The plastic bag is to keep moisture away from your batteries.  Moisture corrodes batteries and that’s definitely something you don’t want near your food.

3) Remove batteries from devices

Of course, keeping batteries out of things that aren’t being used will extend their life quite a bit whether you store them in the refrigerator or not.  Keeping batteries in your portable disc player or emergency flashlight that sits in a drawer for months on end without use will slowly draw power from the batteries, shortening their usable life span.  Look around your home and find everything that has batteries in it that you wont use regularly.  You’ll be surprised how many devices you’ll find like this.  Take the batteries out and either store them with the device, or store them all in one location so you can find them easily.

4) Don’t mix old and new batteries

Mixing fresh batteries with older ones sucks the life out of the fresh batteries faster.  If you need to replace the batteries in a device, replace them all at once.  If some of the batteries you’re replacing still have a little charge and you want to save them, keep them as back-ups.