How to Explain Einsteins Emc2 Theory to Children

Imagine a car parked anywhere; what could be said about it? (1) Engineers and auto workers had the ability to make the car, and (2) someone bought it, drove it, and parked it. Einstein’s vision would be, “the car represents E=mc2.” (Note: c2 represents “c squared”) Why would he say that?

He knows that everything is energy in different forms; all material things are energy. Material things are pieces or units of a mass. E=mc2 represents what it takes to make the car from start to finish. The car is mass (m); to design and make it is “c”; and to buy it and park it is “c”. C x c = c2. The “c” represents action, motion, or velocity of a mass. E=mc2 measures work. The weight of a mass in kilograms multiplied by c2 will give the amount of work done in Joules. Joules is about work as seconds are about time.

Why is the “c” used instead of another letter? What does it mean?

 The letter “c” comes from the Latin word celeritas, which means velocity. It represents “velocity of light.” The velocity of light in space is 299,792,458 meters per second, or 186,282 miles per second. Light velocity is slower in a medium other than space. For example, if it goes through water, its velocity is 140,000 miles per second; through glass, it is 124,000 miles per second; and through a diamond, 77,000 miles per second.

What can travel faster than the speed of light?

Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Gamma rays and x-rays can move as fast as the speed of light. Electrons, beta rays, and alpha rays can move close to the speed of light. The mass weight of an electron is 9.1093879 x 10 to the -31 kilograms (kg). The velocity is less for a mass heavier than an electron.

If nothing can travel faster than the speed of light because of weight, why is c2 used?

The velocity of light in space does not change. American physicist Albert Abraham Michelson (1852-1931) used it as a reference to calculate the time it took light to travel to a distant point and return. He used plane geometry to calculate it. The time it took = 2dc divided by (c2 minus v2). Since then, c2 has been a factor to calculate the kinetic energy (KE) of a mass in motion. Kinetic is a Greek word that means motion.

Another view is that light velocity traveling in one direction is “c”; light expanding in all directions at the same velocity is “c”; therefore, “c” x c = c2.

A parked car is at rest if it is not moving. The letter “m” and “zero” (m0) represent zero motion. (Read m0 as “m sub zero”)  A parked car is mass at rest. As mass, it has potential energy (PE).  It means it  has the ability to do work.

A car in motion is KE. Making a car and buying it is “c2.” The car at rest is “m0.” KE changes “m0” to “m,” when the car is in motion. All this activity is E.

Einstein would say “E=m0c2 + KE” is the same as “E=mc2.”

There is another way to describe E=mc2. A hammer has (PE). It is not moving; that is (m0). A carpenter using the hammer (motion/KE) to drive a nail is (c). The motion of the nail into wood is (c). (c x c = c2) That would be “m0c2.” KE changes m0 to m. The total energy (E) = m0c2 + KE, which is the same as E=mc2.

Besides a hammer, what else has KE?

Gravity has KE. To demonstrate: When Jack and Jill were teenagers, Jill told Jack to go on a mass scale. He stepped on the scale and weighed 125 pounds. Before Jill got on the scale, she had bet Jack $10 she would weight more than 125 pounds. To Jack, that was impossible, because he knew Jill weighted less, so he accepted the terms. Then, Jill jumped onto the scale. For about one second, her weight was 170 pounds. One minute later, her weight was 100. Jack lost the bet.

When Jill jumped up, the force of gravity pulled her down at 32 feet per second/per second. Gravity, as KE, did the work making Jill weight more than Jack for one second.

Does E=mc2 apply to making the materials for cars?

E =mc2 transposed to m=E/c2 makes materials. The “m” is material. It equals space energy (E) divided by (c2). It is the formula to convert space energy and electromagnetic radiation (light) into subatomic particles, such as electrons, up quarks, down quarks, and their antiparticles to make the materials.

E =mc2 transposed to c2=E/m makes light. C2=E/m means “c equal the square root of E/m.”

The formula c2=E/m requires “m” to make c2; and m=E/c2 requires “c2” to make m. Which came first, “m” or “c2”? Light came first when God said, “Let there be light.” (Genesis 1:3)

What happened after light appeared?

Space is PE. It consists of small units called spacitons as light consists of small units called photons.

Imagine all of space to be like synthetic rubber and spacitons like rubber molecules. Imagine photons as small balls of electromagnetic radiation.

Photons in space force spacitons to stretch. Stretched spacitons become gravitons. Gravitons are small units of gravity. Stretched gravitons are PE. When they pull, like stretched rubber, to return to their original size, graviton PE converts to graviton KE.

When God said let there be light, light went in all directions. What happened after that, happened in an instant, like an explosion. It was like throwing billions of balls of electromagnetic radiation into space, balls colliding with each other separating spacitons, spacitons producing gravitons, and gravitons pulling electromagnetic radiation to produce electrons, up quarks, down quarks, and their antiparticles. 

Up and down quarks make protons and neutrons. Protons, neutrons, and electrons make atoms in the form of gases and metals. Atoms come together to form molecules and compounds. Molecules and compounds mix to make everything in the universe.

Some scientists say the universe started with a Big Bang; others say the beginning is a point of singularity.

Energy is mass in different forms. Energy multiplied by time is action in space. Scientists call it space-time. It is another way of expressing E=mc2.


1. The science community lists subatomic particles graviton, photon, electron, proton, and neutron in Physics text books, but not spaciton.

2. Physics text books list properties of quarks and anti quarks as: Up, Down, Strange, Charmed, Bottom, and Top.

3. Scientists, like Einstein, investigate nature to figure out how it works. Nature is the same as God; however, scientists do not see it that way. “To create a product someone has to think of it first.” is an axiom that applies to creating the universe. Someone had to think of light before creating it and be a scientist to design the universe. That someone is God.