How to become a Geologist

Geologists generally study the history of Earth, its creation, and the related events that occur above and below the Earth’s surface. Becoming a geologist takes a considerable amount of hard work and a lot of dedication. If you are considering a future career as a geologist, the following list of suggestions may help you get on the right path.

1. Study! Geologists are required to have a bachelor’s degree in Geology or Geophysics. Take courses which cover the broad subfields of Earth science in high school, or more advanced and specific classes which center on Geological concepts in college. In addition, pick up courses in math and science to deepen your knowledge and understanding of mathematical notions and scientific theories which will benefit you in the future.

2. Keep studying! As I mentioned before, becoming a geologist requires a high level of patience and persistence. B.A. degrees will only make you eligible for entry-level jobs in the field. A master’s degree, is required for advancement, although the best positions typically go to individuals with a Ph.D. who have access to university and federal research grants.

3. Travel. Understanding the Earth means traveling to expand your awareness of the planet’s makeup as a whole, not only specifically in one area.

4. Network. As you travel for internships and other geological research, be sure to keep an updated list of business related contacts and make a commitment to follow up with them every couple of months. Keeping in touch with these people will land you jobs in the future, and who knows, you may even gain some valuable advice from more experienced mentors.

5. Stay fit. Geologists spend a huge amount of time outside in the field, researching, so be sure that you have the endurance it takes to be successful in this career.

Remember that the early years in any Geologist’s career can be taxing and arduous work. Not only are many years of advanced study required, jobs are only offered to individuals who have greater reputations than others, so the publication of work is essential. Also, this is a career which centers mostly on teamwork, so if you like to work on your own, this is probably not the field for you.