How to be Ready when an Unexpected Hail Storm Strikes

A surprise hail storm can cause millions of dollars in damage to cars, crops, nature, homes, and businesses. A surprise hail storm can also cause quite a bit of damage to people. Hail storms usually happen unexpectedly, and there is nothing you can do to stop them from wreaking havoc on your day and possibly your life.

The best thing you can do is be prepared. An umbrella brought along in case it rains is not going to help you. But, at the risk of having this sound like a commercial, you must always be prepared in life. Therefore, make certain you have insurance for your car, your home and your business so that the insurance company can pay for major damages caused by a surprise hail storm.

After obtaining health, vehicle, and home insurance, you can then properly assess your situation when a surprise hail storm hits. Many times hail storms will accompany a spring or fall weather event such as rain due to the fluctuating temperatures, although, there are occasions when hail suddenly plummets from the sky sending small hailstones or possibly large baseball sized hail to the ground, during summer weather events also.

The best way to deal with a surprise hail storm is to get out of harm’s way. Run to an enclosure such as a home, a car, or the even a covered porch. When you are caught outside, such as at a park or a beach, run to the nearest outside building. When there aren’t any nearby buildings, you can use anything flat as a protective cover such as a beach towel, a cooler lid, even a book is better than allowing powerful hail to whack away at your body.

Stay inside a house, building, store, or your vehicle when a surprise hail storm suddenly erupts. The powerful stings of cold ice balls pelting away on your head and body are not worth taking the risk of running outside, especially when you have small children with you. Stay safe, by staying inside.

Driving during a surprise hail storm, be prepared to have your vehicle pummeled with powerful, damaging balls of ice. If you can, pull over to the side of the road, waiting out the surprise hail storm. Often times, hail storms end within just a few minutes after beginning. While driving during a hailstorm, use the wiper blades to usher the ice balls off of your windshield. Run the defrost on high to melt away the pounding hail. Remember to drive safely during a surprise hail storm; in other words, drive slowly, looking behind and in front of your vehicle and being aware of other traffic. Traffic may suddenly come to a screeching halt, and you do not want to compound the situation by getting into an accident.

When a surprise hail storm strikes, get under the nearest enclosure, but do not run under a tree, because a tree can be struck by lighting thus conducting the lightning to your body. Many times, lightning, rain and sudden high winds also accompany a surprise hail storm. Therefore, your best bet is to get under an enclosure, an awning, even a roof that is sticking farther out from the building can help keep you safe.