How the Universe was Formed

The infinite cosmos……………………………………………… ?

The greatest mystery of ever, for it is a matter of thinking infinitely, which means there is no end to anything. So is it possible to say that there was also no beginning? Would anyone accept that theory in science, where we are always looking for the explanations? It is a possibility, but maybe a philosophical one, although there is always the window behind the window, behind the window into infinity, that nags at the reasoning section of the mind when we try to figure this one out. If you stretch the universe out one can look at it two ways, either in length or in an ever expanding circle. Where does it all go that ever expanding space we look up at?

You can talk about the ‘big bang’ but it had to have a space to explode in so who made that? The void is the big question to be addressed. Explain that and you may be nearer the answer. But let us get back to earth theories on how the Universe began. We have come up with two theories, or maybe three, if you want to include evolution .Lets us deal with that one first. Assuming that life is an ever evolving process and cells divide and split and growth continues and changes. We can then apply that theory to the universe and look at the nebulae today and the galaxies and the billions of stars and say somewhere along the course of ancient history all this formed. But it still asks the question, what is behind the start, if we look out into that sky each day and it just goes on and on. We don’t see a wall in the distance do we?

Now the next scientific idea is the ‘big bang’ and everything formed from that and it all assumed its balance of perfection from that one explosion. The scientists were able to deduce this theory when the powerful telescopes of the worlds observatories picked up that we went back in time the further we went out in light years. Somehow the further they went back, the more they seemed to see a red dominance of color, rather like we do at sunset or sunrise. They then said the red they were finding, the further they went back, was evidence of some sort of explosion. Now let us get to an explanation you may be able to tell your children and they might just enjoy it, as it makes come sort of fairy tale sense to their young minds. If Harry Potter can sell so should this Bible story.

It is a story of voids and darkness turning into light and planets being made, one of them being earth. It is also a story of the Heavens being formed too. So both the universe and the world are explained in a ‘Maker of ‘ story and that maker we call the Great Creator, or God. All the seas, the skies, the life forms are all explained as being made by the One parents take their children to church to worship. What a film Genesis could be turned into. Why you could bring in all the beautiful pictures the Hubble telescope has taken and with computer animation you could blow the imaginations of ordinary people away. We need answers all the time and maybe for just one moment the creation of the Universe can enter the realm of fantasy, where so many of man’s films on space take us anyway.

If we were meant to know we would have been told by now, and it is like birth, death and the afterlife all; one big mystery made by one big mystery Creator . Thank you Creator, the heavens look so bright tonight. Just a message from a humble human being not wanting to know the answers, but happy with the mystery, for it will go on and on and never end.