How Religion Affects Social Values

Religion has an effect on different areas of life, if the religious person allows that to happen.  One of these areas is the area of social values.  Many people choose to have very moral, social values and their reasoning has nothing to do with their religion.  Others have a decent, clean social life because of what their religion has taught them.  There are several ways that a religion can affect the social values that a person has.

Some people, who live a certain kind of life, will have the problematic areas pointed out to them by members of their religion.  For example, if a person enjoys gambling, and the reverend of the church knows that they like gambling, and says something to them about it being wrong, then the gambler may realize it is wrong.  If that happens, then they could give up that habit and live a cleaner social life, according to their religion.  Many people of influence in a certain religion will want to help people live more in line with their religion and will often point out any wrongdoing that they see.  This is one way that a religion can affect the social values of an individual.

Religion can cause people to adjust their social life status by the amount of conviction they feel at church or whatever assembly they attend.  Conviction refers to feeling bad within that something in life is not wrong.  For example, if a person likes to party, get drunk, and use drugs, and they just became a Christian, they will eventually feel bad because of the conviction and either stop or ignore it.  Many stop, and therefore, their religion has caused them to change their social life status for the better.  If the religious person doesn’t attend services, then they will have less of a chance of being convinced.

A lot of people have their own social values in life and don’t care what their religion teaches them.  Sometimes, religion can have a negative affect on a person’s social values.  For example, many people have problems in their lives and blame God.  After they have blamed God, they get angry at God and rebel against Him, and therefore, their social values have been negatively affected.

Whatever the case may be, religion will always have either a positive or a negative affect on a person’s social values.