How Plasma Cutters Work

Much of modern industry depends on working with heavy metals and alloys. Often these metals will need to be manipulated and the most common way to do this is by using plasma cutters. How plasma cutters work is both fascinating and intriguing but an overlooked process.

Metals are strong and durable which makes them the perfect choice when building anything big that needs to be sturdy. Bridges, skyscrapers, cranes or cars will need metal components that are accurately formed. Plasma cutters are one of the most perfect methods of doing this.

Plasma cutters were first used during World War II. American factories were busy producing aircrafts and armor to help the troops. The American factories were producing such items far more than the allies. One reason for this was the advancement of technology that made it far easier to do this.

There was a great demand for the more efficient methods of joining aircrafts in particular. Factories began to use a new way of welding. This process involved using a still gas that would be fed through an electric arc. By charging the gas with the electric current they were forming a wall around the weld. This would help protect it from oxidation. 

This new breakthrough discovery made it far easier for the factories to be able to create cleaner edges and lines that would make for a far stronger construction method. Over the years more research was done and more discoveries were made to make building things far easier. Eventually this led to plasma which helped to revolutionize cutting.

Plasma is found very easily throughout the universe but not on Earth. The reason for this is that it’s used to extremely high temperatures. Plasma is found when gas is increased in high temperatures. Energy is broken apart and away from the gas molecules. The atoms begin to split, they are surrounded by electrons.

Electrons will then separate from the nucleus. The electrons will be released from the atom by heat and they will move around very quickly. Electrons are negatively charged and behind them they will leave nuclei which are positively charged. Positively charged nuclei are called ions.

As electrons crash with other electrons and ions you will release a lot of energy. This energy helps to give plasma cutters their cutting power.  So whether it’s cutting metals to build bridges or building a plasma cutter is just the right tool for the job.