How many Stars are in the Universe

What an interesting question within the subject of astronomy. I believe that this question can be answered in so many ways, yet the one and the only answer is, who really knows? President George Bush Number One used to point to the heavens and talk about the billion points of light. Did he really believe that there were only a billion stars and no more and no less? Did he have too much time on his hands as president and he counted the number of stars one night and did such a good job that he was accurate in his count? Just a little humor to start it all.

Again, I have to say, who really knows. Space is a continuous dark road that never ends. This means that there are more stars then we could ever imagine. Then, we have to think about the word universe? Does the universe start with the sun and work its way out to Pluto (which we know now is not considered a planet) and then stop? No, I do not think so. I think of the universe as all that is created no matter where it starts and where it ends. Speaking of ending, I do not believe that the universe ends. When we look at galaxies, discovered and not yet discovered, I believe that they are all part of the same universe. Think of the word universe for a minute. What is a universe? Look at the word universal? I think both universal and infinite are one in the same. I think of a universal remote control. They are meant to control everything electronic that you have: television, dvd player, vcr, surround sound system. When it comes to the stars in a universe, well, there are more stars than you can imagine. Granted, every bright object in the night sky is not a star, yet, when it comes to what is twinkling, there are more stars then we will ever be able to count throughout millions upon millions of lifetimes.

This subject is brilliant. I say this because anybody can write a book about the subject of the number of stars in a universe. It can be looked at the ways I write about here. For instance, it can be looked at universally and where it all begins and where it all might end. Then it can be looked at in a religious sense as to how the universe is perceived and who really knows how many stars exist. I truly believe that God is the answer. I truly believe that God knows the answer and He alone will always know the answer.

Take one night, lay down on your back on a beautiful evening and look up in the heavens and ask yourself this question: How many stars are in the universe? You will be amazed at your personal answer.