How Genes could Influence the Friends People Choose

A recent study has revealed that your genes could play a vital role in what friends you choose throughout the span of your life and what friends your children will end up making. There are a few reasons that the results of this new study could potentially carry a lot of weight. Articles on this new study are available on BBC, SMH, Live Science, Independent, Yahoo! News, Belfast Telegraph, CBS News, etc. So far, one can understand on how genes plays a role in what type or how many friends that you end up making in your life.

According to the CBS News article dated back in 2007, identical twins are more than likely to have similar choices in friends versus fraternal twins. This is because identical twins share all of the same genes. However, the article adds that it does not necessarily mean that everything is that certain. Furthermore, the article explained that the study interviewed sets of twins. Also, the twins were all white males. As a result, the study is still ongoing. The article came from a study published in “Archives of General Psychiatry.”

A more recent study conducted by the University of California (UC San Diego) says that genes can either create or destroy friendships. It says that we are drawn together or forced apart due to our genes. It explains the entire concept of “genetic clustering.”

In the study, one gene known as the DRD2 gene was isolated. It revealed that those that have the DRD2 gene will befriend those with the same marker. The study explains that DRD2 gene is strongly associated with alcoholism.

In this respect, this would be similar to drinking buddies gathering together. One could hypothesize about a large group of people with the DRD2 genetic marker getting together and drinking at various bars, house parties, night clubs, and so forth.

To summarize it all, the genes can influence who we connect and disconnect with. One could say that genes play a role in what personality we end up adopting. We might get the personality from our mother, father, and so forth.

One example in fiction would be the popular manga series called “Naruto.” The main character, Naruto Uzumaki, has a hyperactive and reckless personality. It was revealed that Naruto inherited a mean temper from his mother. Despite all that, Naruto was able to make friends with a great many people.

If a person grows up to be hostile, he or she will make enemies with a person who can be just as hostile. This reinforces the aspect that genes play a role in whose personality traits we inherit. Personality plays a major role in who we make friends or enemies with.

This strengthens the weight of the results from the study.

Overall, the aspect of genes influencing what friends we choose should not be much of a surprise. Genes play an important role on the personality we take. We inherit our parents’ genes. That includes genes that lead to personality traits. Thus, it influences who we befriend.