How do we Interprete our Dream

How do we interpret our dreams?

Dreams are mental processes, symbol representation of thoughts conveyed by our subconscious minds. We all dream, but we don’t all remember our dreams, and those of us who do, remember them because it’s a precautious dream or because of the present consciousness of our state of mind before the dream.

Although we do dream while we are awake (day dreaming) it is not the same when we’re at sleep. When we’re at sleep the mind has total control of the dream, and the memory is stored in our subconscious mind.

Dreams are like paintings, the symbols that are painted in dreams are brushed by our subconscious mind. Our dreams are sometimes synonymous to our future experiences in life; it reveals to us what is yet to be known. It is a direct symbolic representation of our mental self.

Dreams are visions which must be carefully decoded so that the true meaning of the dream is exposed. Otherwise the dreamer who’s the dream intended for will be left clueless, unaware of the symbolic meaning of the dream. However, our dreams are not always intended for us, sometime we dream for those we care about or for the society we belong in.

We may want to ask ourselves why is it that we can go for months without remembering our dreams, and out of a blue comes one that we remember. Since we dream all the time, this seems like an important question to ask.

Do we remember our dreams because we are more conscious now than before or it is simply coincident? The lather is rather not an option because no one dream is a coincident.

We may become more conscious of our surroundings, and through meditating, we can prepare our minds to remember our dreams, but it is never out of coincident that we remember our dreams.

However, I honestly think that is an accurate statement to say that our dreams are mathematically formulated; every symbol represents a numerical value. Those of us who are aware of such phenomenon know what the symbols represent, and the significant of their association.

For simplicity purposes, we can begin by associating every color with a numerical value. For example, we’ve already figured that we can represent the color blue with 0000FF & green with 339900 and so on. Those are hexadecimal numbers that we have carefully chosen to associate colors with.

Well, unlike colors dreams can also be interpreted by using numbers, except that in dream numerical values are assigned base on symbols. Although in dreams colors are significant, it is the action within the dream that symbolized the numerical value.

For example a horse drinking from a river is a symbol which has a particular meaning. The meaning of this symbol can be interpreted as 17 17. In this case the horse is represented by the numerical value 17 and the water also as 17.

Since some members of our society believed that numerical values depicted from symbols found in dreams are good source of information for lottery, those who uses these values found more significant ways to interpret them.

This is why if these numerical values were to be played in a lottery; it would be interpreted either as 7117 or 1771, In which case the gambler would have played both numbers to increase his or her chances.

Another example of a numerical value is when a person dreamt of a serpent. This symbol can be represented by the numerical value 0770. As you can see it is different from the above symbol. Snake in most African cultures symbolizes evil, it also means temptation.

Therefore, when it’s appeared in a dream it usually signified that something bad is yet to occur. This is why it is represented by the numerical value 0770.

The meaning of this symbol can be explored in more detail, we have seen the snake in many famous symbols, and yet we don’t know all they are to know about it. The snake has been associated with many symbols, if we only pay a little attention to it, we’ll start noticing it everywhere.

Anyhow, anyone who uses the numerical value from these symbols to play lottery, placed his trust in the dream, and therefore believed this numerical value can bring him prosperity.

Furthermore, dreams are significant to us in the sense that it revealed a message which at times can serve as a warning to alert us of our surrounding. To decode the messages that are hidden within these symbols, we must know what each symbol represent for it is until then we can know what the dream was meant to alert us about.

For example, I dreamt that one day while fishing at a certain river, I observed 23 horses of all different shape and colors getting ready to cross that river. Among the 23 horses, there was one lead horse that must choose which of the 23 horses will cross the river with him.

The lead horse needed 15 strong horses for this journey. He started by choosing from his perspective what are to him the most capable horses among the bunch. After he finished making his pick, he led the way and head out for the river. Before crossing the river, the head horse looked across the river and noticed a whole bunch of other horses waiting their arrival.

The lead horse took a last look at the river and noticed his image suspended between above and below. The lead horse then took a last look across the river with his 15 members and together they galloped across the river as a team.

In the above example, this dream can be interpreted in many different ways. It will all depend on the culture and the consciousness of the person having the dream. As for me, I summarize this dream with this phrase: Since a president secret weapon are his cabinet members then the secret of his cabinet can also be used as a deterrent to alter his dedication for change.

So from the symbolic concept of this dream, even the president would have had to choose his cabinet members carefully if he truly wants to cross the finish line of that river.

Another important factor in dreams is time and place. Usually during the time when a dream occurs, a future happening is awaiting completion. The place may not necessarily be where the dreamer is presently situated, but the fact that the dreamer shares some common ground with the happening can possibly influenced his mind to have a particular dream.

However, very often when we dream of a happening, it’s unexpected. Sometime we don’t pay attention to the dream until something happen in our lives which resemble the dream, when that happens we claimed it as a dj vue as if we have seen this occurrence before. Meanwhile, it is the reflection of dream uploaded by our subconscious mind to a present state of mind.

Another example of a dream that symbolizes a warning signal is one that cautioned me about my surrounding. I dreamt that the authorities were chasing me. In the dream I was wearing a white suit. I dreamt that a relative of mine was conversing with authorities while pointing at me as an accomplice.

The moment I walked out my house one of the officers started harassing me. To stop the harassment, I went back into the house, close my door while the officer forcefully tries to make his way in the house without a warrant. I immediately cautioned the officer that he needed a warrant to enter this house.

The officer left and I ran down the basement to hide a gun and a screw driver which was hidden in my white suit. As soon I did that, I walked outside the house and all was well, the officer did not notice me, I walked the street with no worries.

I perceived this dream as a warning, which alerted me that I must be aware of my surrounding, in my private life as well as the work place. In this dream, the gun represent power which can be interpreted as knowledge. And the screw driver symbolizes sharpness which is also an indication for words that are influential, while the white suit signified that I’m innocent.

I believed that all dreams are relative to ones consciousness, therefore, whatever it is that a person dreams about is directly related to his or her awareness.

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