How do Individual Conservation Efforts Affect Worldwide Availability of Drinking Water

Individual conservation efforts can make a positive difference in any region around the globe. Clean drinking water is a necessity. The major rivers like Amazon, Thames, Ganges, are polluted. In order to clean the polluted rivers, different steps can be taken by the individuals. Keeping the issue of clean water in the lime light, is possible with the individual efforts. Reducing and preventing future pollution is important to increase the supply of drinking water around the world.

Reducing individual shower -time from 30 minutes to 15 minutes can save gallons of water.  Fixing the faucet dripping problem can save water in homes .Rain water harvesting in large storage drum can help to water the plants.

Buying energy and water efficient washers can make a huge difference in saving and increasing the supply of drinking water . Installing water efficient shower-head can save water .

Farmers can improve the quality of drinking water by the reduction of harmful fertilizers and pesticides in their farms. Harmful fertilizers and pesticides can leech into the earth and spoil the quality of water in the neighboring communities in any region around the world. Increasing the supply and quality of drinking water is possible by improving the farming methods by individual farmers. Organic farming is also an interesting alternative option . Farming is a major activity in many regions in countries around the world. Improving irrigation methods can help in saving and increasing the quality of water.

Desalination is the process of turning sea water into drinking water.Is it possible to increase the supply of clean drinking water by desalination process in coastal regions ? Can individual studies about desalination process play a role in increasing the supply of clean drinking water? Clean water filters technology by companies with low cost can help people in developing countries . By using water filters to clean the polluted water is necessary to improve the quality of water in small villages in many countries. By providing low cost filters to clean the water can improve the lives of the people in villages in developing countries.

In the land of suburbia , lawns are coveted prized possession by home owners. Gallons of water is being used to maintain green lawn.  By reducing the lawn size to half with the substitution of wild flowers can save water by 50%.

The supply of water may be abundant, but the quality of water is not good in many regions around the world. In Shenzhen, China Buji river is polluted due to urban sprawl and industrial smoke stacks. Cleaning up the river is the second priority by the local government. The grass root movement with individual efforts can make a positive difference.

Water is not gold, but it is regarded as a precious natural resource. Reducing the wastage and pollution of water even in small individual ways, any one can be a catalyst to increase the supply of clean drinking water.It is a small world after all.

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