How can i Manage Time

Time is the very special existence created by God for humanity.It is a realm in which every thing has a beginning, an ending and a process in between.

In time, each person has a starting point, conception, following which we develop into small time-ready individuals and are born. Phase one complete.

After birth we begin a second time-limited phase. We grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually into adulthood, evidenced by the ability to function independently.

As independent adults we develop the world around us and contribute to the development of other people also.

Eventually we die and all we have done in time becomes the legacy for those we leave behind. Once gone, our life in time is remembered by the things we accomplished and the people we touched.

In time, things start and stop, develop and grow. Time is the realm in which nothing stays the same. We get better or worse. We become more useful or more dependent. We are here for a while and then gone. Time is moving (it waits for no man) and we are constantly changing as it passes. Following are a few additional thoughts which further define the concept of time.

Time is not eternity. In time we become. In eternity we are.

Time is not life. Time affects the quality of life not the existence of it. Only our temporal nature is confined to time. Dying in time is not the same as dying to life. Death is not the cessation of life but the transition of life from one existence (time) to another (eternity). While some are living in eternity others are simultaneously living through time.

Time is now not tomorrow or yesterday. Time is by nature passing, limited and short lived. The only time we have is “now,” the present. “Yesterday” is nothing more than “now” past its sell-by date. “Tomorrow” is time for which we can prepare only in the present.When it arrives it will be “now” not tomorrow. Whatever you don’t do now becomes the waste of yesterday. Whatever you hope to do tomorrow must be acted on now. Action can only be taken in the present. I can only make good use of yesterday’s time if I spend a moment “now” learning from the mistakes I made then.

Time can never be seen. The only evidences that time has passed are the things we have done, the abilities we have developed and the physical changes we go through.

Time is only for humanity. Just as eternity is the natural domain of God time is the natural domain for human nature. Even Jesus, to live in time, had to become human.

Time is not like food. There are many kinds of food that I will never eat. There are many particles of oxygen I will not breath and drops of water I will not touch. But, I will live through and process every second of time I exist on earth and I will live through each second simultaneously with everyone else. I may use time well or pass it wastefully but I will never miss it.

Time is independent and constant. You cannot take it, rush it, find it or lose it. It does not bend to suit a difficult situation. I can put more into the time I have I cannot change its essence.

Time is not self-sufficient. Time affords me the opportunity to achieve things but it will do nothing for me. Time must be preceded by decision if any good thing is to be accomplished. Time required to do some particular thing must be catalyzed by the will to do it. Once we decide to do something it is amazing how much time we “find” to do it.

Time is for action. Recognition is suitable only after time has expired. What a person does in time can also be undone in time. Once they have moved to eternity their actions have been set and can then be acknowledged. Time is for action. Eternity is for reward.

Time is fair. We all have the same amount of time, right now. Some people may live through more “nows” than others but to whom much is given much will be required, which is to say, time is fair. The more time you “have” the more you will be expected to perform. Do now, what you should and your reward will be appropriate.