Help is not on the way – No

You may as well title this, Do welfare mommas deserve to have more babies. When it comes to our health, nothing draws debate like insinuating that someone deserves better healthcare over someone else. Smokers along with the obese have an addiction. Should healthcare deal with the addictions to begin with, this question would not need to be answered. For instance, there is help available for smokers. However, neither the drug, nor any type of quit smoking aids are covered by the insurance companies. This is completely crazy when once considers the total price of a bypass. The United States needs to direct insurance companies to taking preventive steps, as opposed to leaving their customers out of the mix. When one ponders those in their lives who have had this very surgery, and what the likelihood of them being with us today, should their surgeries been denied, one shudders.

When this topic comes up, especially regarding smokers, one can wish for tolerance. We have all heard the saying back in the day. Well, back in the day, it was not known how toxic cigarette smoke was. We have millions of the population addicted, but offer no help to overcome. Today, putting your baby into a car seat is the law. If you do not have a car seat, many organizations will provide you with one. The better answer to this topic, provide those with a nicotine habit, or an eating disorder with the tools they need to overcome that addiction.

Let us be honest here and look at the direct correlation between the two groups as well. We have all seen smokers who have quit, only becoming obese. They took their nicotine habit and replaced it with a food habit. We need some sort of mechanisms in place to prevent the cross contamination. Instead of debating whether they should have by pass surgery, this topic would be better served, if we debated how to help. To quote the saying, you are you Brothers keeper, seems very appropriate here.

In closing let me add this. Today’s society has become all about judging one another. Maybe this does not affect you, this time. Who is to say what will be deemed appropriate another day? Eventually, something you are guilty of will come up for debate and what then. Will you expect society then to come to your defense, when you did nothing to assist them in their time of need?