Heavy Eyelids When Tired

If you have been working a nine hour job and take just a few occasional breaks in between, you may notice that staring at the computer in an office can be tiresome. This is the same with a full time mom that keeps the household neat and clean most of her day. After 12 to 14 hours of activities, we get tired and sleepy. Our eyes get droopy involuntarily even when we are still doing something. Eyelids are characterized with redness and puffiness. You may feel the urge to fight it but keeping eyes open is very challenging. It is an everyday occurrence and we disregard its reason most of the time. Here we will learn about heavy eyelids more.

The muscles all over our body experience fatigue when overworked and tired. We need to give our system a time to rest and recuperate the energy spent. The muscles in the eyelids are no exception. Reading, watching television and surfing the internet and any other activity that requires your vision can trigger fatigue in the eyelid muscles causing it to feel heavy and harder to keep open.

There was also an article written by Mark A. W. Andrews who is a professor of physiology in Seton Hall University that confirms that even lighting in the area where you are can contribute to the tiredness of the eye. The darker the room while using your vision, the harder it is to work without tiring your eyes because you will be required to keep your eyes opens wider to let any possible light in.

The over-fatigued muscle causes the eyes to feel heavy and puffy. The blood flow to the eye area because it is over exhausted expands it. Some people resort to eye massage for quick relief. Pressing the heel of the hand against the eye can be relaxing. On the other hand, puffy eyes can be relieved by cold compress and other eye products available at the local pharmacy or you can make one by dipping a flannel in cold water and putting it over your eyes.

Be aware though those heavy eyelids can also be an indication of a medical condition that includes sinus infection, allergy and other ailments that connected to facial muscles. You may seek medical attention to get proper diagnosis if sleeping and changing lifestyle does not ease heavy eyelids when tired.