A heat wave may be the time to take a dip into a pool or sample an ice cream cone at a store. The heat wave is also dangerous; children and elderly victims can suffer it the most. Whenever there’s some type of heat advisory or warning for your area, that’s the time for you to take precaution.

Here are ways to stay cool and avoid getting heat-related illnesses:

Stay indoors

Perhaps the safest way to protect yourself from the high heat is to stay inside where’s there air conditioning. If there’s no air conditioning in your home, open windows or keep the window shades shut. The shades will be prevent most sunlight and its warmth away. If you rather, go someplace that does have air conditioning, like a library or movie theater.

Drink lots of water

You can easily become dehydrated in the high heat. Therefore, it’s important that you drink plenty of water all day long. Try drinking water that’s cold, right out of the refrigerator, since it’ll cool you off more quickly. Reconsider drinking beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol, like soda pop and wine.

Eat some cold treats

Many people enjoy eating cold ice cream treats when the weather’s hot. A fancy sundae, smoothie, or milkshake are popular for a sweltering day. If you know an ice cream shop that’s nearby, just go ahead and try what’s on the menu. Or, create your own home ice cream shop by making yourself chilly treats your family can enjoy.

Keep cool while outdoors

If you must work in the heat outside, there are still several ways to keep cool. Staying where there’s shading is one example. Try dangling a cold, damp towel around your neck to chill yourself. Wearing light-colored clothing will reflect the sunlight and keep you more cool than using darker clothing.

Avoid staying in the car

Don’t suffer sitting in a hot car! Leaving children in a hot vehicle is also dangerous, and is considered a crime. Even with the windows closed, the temperature inside the car will still be considerably warmer than the outside temperature. If you must go someplace, just take the children to your errand with you or let someone babysit them.

Check on elderly relatives and neighbors

If you know an elderly person or someone who’s home alone, it’s a good idea to check. Neighbors should also be checked on. Elderly and disabled people can suffer heat stress, so it’s important you visit them regularly.

A heat wave can be a killer. Of course, as long you understand its tips and obey them, you’ll be safe. Share these tips with your family and friends. They’ll thank you for it.