Heat the Creator of Energy

Since the beginning second of the Universe when matter and anti-matter cancelled each other out leaving a fractional surplus of matter, energy hasn’t been created here-it simply changes form into matter and vice versa. Because near massless photons are a kind of building block of mass, when mass is converted completely to energy it has the some of the characteristics of light, or would travel at the speed of light if it were made into photons in proportions to its quantity as mass… the equivelence formula of Albert Einstein- E=mc2 (energy equal mass times the speed of light squared).

In the beginning was the One-a singularity perhaps without form or size unextended into dimensions. Dimensions seem to be characteristics of the relationships of matter and anti-matter, that in turn seem to have issued directly from some inexplicable force or spirit that had the power to shape protocols and relationships that govern the possibilities of interaction of mass and energy-it was as if forms and structures were created in the abstract that might be actuallized in a scalar field expansion. Given the preponderance of matter over anti-matter because of an advantage in spin per billionth part in matter over anti-matter, matter convertible to another form as energy existed in a modal relationship to space-time and its expanding continuum. Matter is a cooled down, less active form of energy. If converted into energy it becomes a higher activity, less stable state. Energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. there is however no creation of energy in the Universe following its initial endowment it is believed. Perhaps energy may leak into the Universe at some very small scale in unknown ways yet for our purposes effectively mass may be converted into energy, yet no new energy can be created in the Universe.

Heat is a subjective experience of a perceiver noting with senses the change in the state of matter to a more active condition.. It usually refers to a more active state of molecular activity. It is more active because some energy has been released from or added to what was previously more cool. A pile of firewood set to burning releases heat, yet the energy is from the oxidizing of the wood in the flames-that chemical conversion loses more energy than it cost to grow the wood to start with. It is a quicker way of releasing a portion of the wood’s energy that equaled mass times the speed of light squared.

Fires can be of an oxygen-carbon sort of rapid oxidation – C+O2 ->CO2 .

Heat is a derivative phenomenon of energy and comparative experience of it. For a man made of ice 32 degrees Fahrenheit would be dangerously hot, while for a man made of steel it would be a couple thousand degrees higher temperature before he need thing it ‘hot’
Energy is not created from heat-the conservation of energy law has energy neither being created or destroyed in an isolated system. Entropy is the conversion of energy through work such as heat or mechanical work to another form. In the natural entropy of the Universe the singularity at history time = 0 + 1 had all of the energy of the Universe that would convert through various forms in to the most balanced state of highest entropy.

Heat can be added to a system, yet that work must be subtracted from someplace else-thereby keeping the conservation of energy in balance.

If one has a battery operated heater and turns it on, heat is released but energy is not created-the energy is from the battery that is drained in order that the heating elements may receive them and convert them into the form of heat probably by electrons travelling through resistors.

The Universe was endowed with a finite mass of matter initially leftover from annihilation with primordial anti-matter…when the omega state of high entropy arrives the smallest particles of mass are conjectured to exist in a dispersed array-especially having transferred much of their energy in to the expansion of space-time-that may have a logical tendency to collapse in-itself.
There is a slight possibility that energy can actually be added to the Universe from some unknown source, such as virtual particles or anisotropic infusions of extra four-dimensional quantum mechanical determined states of potential particles (the addition of any mass to the Universe from extra dimensions would add energy too because of the equivalence of mass and energy such that E=MC2 where M is the rest mass).



E = T + V where E is energy, T is kinetic energy and V is potential energy

Quantum mechanics today posits some sort of zero point fields meaning that some particles have energy even when the temperature of a vacuum equals zero. Quantum mechanical descriptions of zero point fields in an expanding Universe predict too much new virtual energy created in each cubic meter of expanding space to be in agreement with the cosmological constant criteria regarding the rate of expansion of space time. Quantum mechanics and the conservation of energy have an apparent disagreement, yet physicist are working to renormalize that.

The possible extra dimensions of the Universe that permit the function of Wheeler’s quantum foamy ocean of virtual particles nevertheless do exist within this Universe thought to have inflated from a singularity-it is the criterion of non-contingency prior to and exclusive of the dimensions created in the expansion of the Universe that are of special interest; for the mathematical models of a closed system would require a conservation of energy because of the non-infusion of extra-system mass…a recurrent Universe in a composite frictionless space able to allow the thermodynamical process of the initial quantum fields to cycle through seems to be one primary explanation for the matter and heat of the Universe-yet that’s obviously got a lot of theoretical holes in it.

Energy in quantum mechanics is a time derivative of a wave function. With Einsteins event based approach to descriptions of things existing this makes sense; if the wave function is held to be a description of a physical system the amount of time it exists is its power. SO much mass accelerated for so long has so much force or power implicitly…at any rate heat is an increase of energy in a physical system…the production of heat requires an increase in entropy of the over-all isolated system.