Healthy Ways to Express Anger

Anger is just one letter away from danger. But is the anger really the problem that we are looking at? Or could it be how we deal with our anger? In this short script I will explain to you how you can not only release your anger in a positive way, but to also make it a work of art.
Now this method doesn’t just have to be used for anger, it can also be used for depression, anxiety, isolation, or basically anything. It deals with finding the root of the problem and actually reliving it on paper, no matter how painful it is. You may be wondering that if it is so painful to bring out then how is it helping? Well, think of your anger as air, gradually filling up a average size balloon. It’s eventually going to reach the point where the balloon can no longer expand and it then explode. Same thing with your anger. If you continue to bottle everything in you to will explode, and it could be when you least expect it.
So, now I want you to think long and hard about what causes your anger issues, could it be your father abusing you as a child? Maybe kids teasing you at school leading to a perpetual loneliness? Whatever the case may be I want you to go back to that moment, the moment which you have bottled up inside for so long. I want you to relive this moment as vividly as possible, and put every little bit of information on a piece of paper. You can either do the same one over the next three days (making a total of four) or find other sources and relive those too. I guarantee you after that fourth day is up you will be a brand new person.
Now if you really want to take it to another level, you could always transfer these long forgotten emotions into poetry or maybe some other kind of art. Many famous artists and writers wouldn’t be half of who they are today if it wasn’t for there past experiences. Past experiences is what makes you who you are today.
Furthermore, if you are not totally devoted into doing this 4 day exercise. At least try it once, because you will feel a great weight being lifted off of your shoulders. After that you won’t be able to stop.