How to Regrow Hair That Is Lost


Bald spots are an unfortunate, sometimes embarrassing condition that strikes millions of people every year. While bald spots usually happen to men older than the age of 40, nearly anyone can suffer from the loss of hair. Hair loss happens when your hair follices stop working correctly and you stop producing the chemical keratin. Keratin is the key ingredient in growing hair. You lose your hair because of stress, illness, poor nutrition and hereditary causes. The key to regrowing hair that is lost is drinking water, eating protein and going to your doctor for the right medical treatments.

Step 1

Eat protein. By eating foods that contain protein, your body can regrow your hair because protein is filled with nutrients that keep your hair healthy. Protein repairs your damaged hair follicles so they can produce keratin again. You must produce keratin if you want to regrow you hair. Eat foods that contain protein at every meal, such as eggs, yogurt, beans and eggs.

Step 2

Use minoxidil to regrow hair that is lost. Minoxidil is an over-the-counter medication found at any pharmacy. Minoxidil comes in the form of a foam that you rub into the places you want to regrow your hair. The Mayo Clinic admits that it is unsure of the way minoxidil regrows your hair, however, it still recommends the chemical. Be aware, your hair may grow back thinner and shorter than the hair that originally grew there.

Step 3

Hydrate your body. You must drink lots of water if you want to regrow your hair that has been lost. That’s because your hair follicles require the nutrients in water to start producing the chemical keratin again. The Mayo Clinic recommends drinking at least eight 8 oz. glasses of water every day.

Step 4

Go to your doctor for steroids. Steroids are the perfect treatment for you if you have patchy bald spots. During a steroid treatment, your doctor will inject a needle full of steroid solution into the area you want to regrow your hair. The steroid treatment stops the cells in your skin from attacking each other, and allows your hair follicles to begin producing keratin again. This allows you to regrow your hair that has been lost.