How to Grow Lost Hair


A bald head and bald spots happen to millions of people every year. Baldness and bald spots usually happen to aging men; however, nearly anyone can experience hair loss. You get bald spots when your hair follicles cease to produce the chemical keratin. Keratin is responsible for growing hair, so if you want to grow lost hair you must start producing keratin again. Causes include eating an unhealthy diet, illness and your genes. There are many products that claim to magically regrow lost hair; however, the key is to use the right products and treatments, hydrate and eat protein.

Step 1

Hydrate your body. If your body is not hydrated, you can’t get enough nutrients to grow lost hair. You need keratin to start growing your hair again, and the nutrients in water can help jump start your cells so you can produce keratin. The Mayo Clinic recommends drinking at least eight, 8 oz. glasses of water every day.

Step 2

Eat protein. Protein contains nutrients that makes your hair follicles stronger. Protein keeps your body running at an ideal pace and helps your body heal your damaged hair follicles and start producing keratin again. Eat food filled with protein such as eggs, chicken, tofu, beans and yogurt.

Step 3

Use minoxidil on your scalp. You can find minoxidil at any pharmacy. Minoxidil is an over-the-counter medication that can help your hair follicles start producing keratin again. The Mayo Clinic says while the way minoxidil works to grow lost hair is not known, minoxidil can be very effective. It warns the hair that does grow back, however, may be thinner and shorter.

Step 4

Try steroid injections to grow lost hair. A steroid treatment is the most effective for people who have patchy bald spots. A doctor will put a needle full of a steroid solution directly into your scalp.The steroid solution will stop your body from attacking your hair follicles so you can produce keratin and grow lost hair. You most undergo at least three steroid treatments before you start to see results.

Step 5

Try UV light treatments. In UV light treatments, you doctor will send pulses of light into your scalp or the places your want to grow lost hair. The UV rays should shock your hair follicles into producing keratin again, which should start regrowing your hair. It may take several months for this treatment to work.