How to Remove Static From Hair


Static electricity can accumulate in your hair from your hairbrush, your clothing or even the carpet. Static is more likely to cling to hair when it is dry and cold outside.

Step 1

Brush your hair with a hairbrush that contains only natural bristles, suggests Valerie Monroe in “O, the Oprah Magazine.” Most hairbrushes have plastic bristles, which can spread static through your hair. Instead, use a hairbrush with wooden or animal hair bristles.

Step 2

Tame static with a wire hanger. Carefully smooth any staticky parts of your hair with the wire hanger. The metal in the hanger will diffuse the electric current.

Step 3

Dissolve static with a dryer sheet, recommends Rachel LeWinter in “Time Out New York.” Carefully rub a dryer sheet on your hair.

Step 4

Use body lotion. Moisture will help keep static from making your hair frizzy, so if you’re facing a static emergency, pour a dollop of lotion on your hands, rub your hands together, then smooth down any hair that is frizzing up.

Step 5

Condition your hair with silicone. Silicone coats your hair with moisture, so it is less likely to become staticky. For a finishing touch, spray your hair with a glossy finishing spray that also contains silicone.