Directv Installation

By Alan Donahue

If you are interested in making a switch from cable to satellite TV, or want to move your current DirecTV setup, you can actually do it on your own without having to pay the potentially expensive installation fees. Installing DirecTV allows you to customize locations and set it up the way you want.


Installing DirecTV on your own can save you from expensive installation fees. Having DirecTV gives you access to exclusive channels, programming and 24-hour service. Installing it also gives you a basic understanding of how everything works in case you come across a problem that you can fix yourself.


The basic setup of DirecTV requires a power drill, ladder, coaxial cables, satellite dish and receiver boxes. Set up a ladder on a supported part of your house. Carry the satellite up and survey your roof for the best location. Make sure that the satellite will not be obstructed by trees, other houses or anything else that could block it.
Mount the satellite with four to six screws to keep it stable. Attach a coaxial cable into the satellite for every receiver you plan on having. So if you want to have three receivers, run three coaxial cables from the satellite off your house.
Use a power drill to make a hole in the side of the house for the cable to run through. Tighten and tuck each cable under siding as you follow it down the house. Stick the cable through the drilled hole on the side of the house. Run the cable up and into the back of your DirecTV receiver.

Time Frame

A one-man installation of a satellite and three receivers takes about 2 hours. The longest part of the process is running the cable around each part of the house. Another lengthy section is moving furniture to allow access for the cable lines.


Over the years, the DirecTV satellite dish has gotten smaller because of improvements in technology. If you place it on your roof in a good position, it will hardly be noticeable. DirecTV receivers are a little bit smaller than a DVD player and fit snugly into any entertainment setup.


There are two types of DirecTV receivers. The standard receiver features the basic DirecTV setup and all of the channel access, but the DVR+ receiver offers recording options for users. With DVR service, users can record and play back shows of their choice, and users can also record two shows at the same time.