How to Prevent Hair Static


If your hair stands on end during cold, winter days, your hair may have conducted static electricity. Static electricity creates flyaway hair when the weather is particularly dry, and no amount of brushing or styling will reduce the problem. Static can collect on your hair if it touches a staticky item of clothing that has recently been in the dryer. Your hair can also become staticky if you touch something that has collected static electricity, like carpet or a doorknob.

Step 1

Condition your hair after shampooing with a store-bought conditioner that contains silicone, recommends Valerie Monroe of “Oprah” magazine. The silicone will coat the hair, making it less permeable to static electricity.

Step 2

Blow your hair dry with an ionic blow dryer, suggests hairstylist Orlando Pita in an article in “Cosmopolitan” magazine. An ionic blow dryer will help your hair keep its natural moisture, which will prevent static electricity from clinging to your hair.

Step 3

Carry a dryer sheet with you to help smooth static if you are in a bind. Smoothing the dryer sheet over your hair will help keep down flyaways due to static.

Step 4

Stock your purse with a small bottle of hand lotion. Hand lotion will not only keep your hands moisturized during the cold, winter months, but also it can moisturize hair and reduce static. Rub a small amount of lotion on your palms, and then run your hands through your hair.

Step 5

Brush your hair with natural bristles. Plastic- and metal-bristled hairbrushes can create a staticky situation. Instead, opt for boar bristles or wooden bristles to keep your hair smooth and shiny.