Halogen Light Bulb Thoery

I may seem like a broken record but the old has become the new once again. We have stalled off our technology somewhat purposefully and somewhat in skepticism since we could not coclude a theory on things which we cannot explain as true but artificially simulated in physical science.

The new Halogenic Compounding Layers as seen by myself whilst traveling the ether have been noticed by science but not understood as subsets in the enclaves of quatrices vectors skewed .246 degrees to the left of center nor the vectors convex in hypobolic saturations given in time-space geometry of modern science. The use of layers in subsets is evidenced when I used this means called magic by some and science of subgenetive processes by us. This seems far out as we say but it is more like far in.

Why do lights exibit halo in the magnetic fields of others lights when we use them in parrallel on a rainy day? This is not a scientific inquiry as much as a mood questionarre, since we use the ectoplasmic energy stored in our body to negate seasonal mood disorder. If you don’t believe it then why does the lightning feel like fresh air. It isn’t the cause of ionic features in the air but it is the heightenning of subspace persivity that rectifies the sense of smell with the sense of the third eye. I use my chakras a cycle-decycle to gain clair-audience with others as exhibited many times by others in college professions such as couselours and mentalist who challenged people to feats of sub-space and won. This article is not about that but the multiplexing effect of Halogenic compounding in altruistic functions like lighting a hallway.

The Five Layers Nodality of Halogenic Compunding Features is not the result of gassifications of the sub-space but the nuclear reactions of the gas and it’s persivity function that allows the Halogenic Compounding to disassemble the atomic structure and re-assemble it in other places like spooky action.

The First of these layers is the nucleotidic forces in the atomic shell. We have too many permutations to reconnoiter to deal with them in this article, but the primary import is that atomic shell structure of Halogenic Compounding Features is akin to the nucleus of Hydrogenic Compounding Features. The features we are compunding in this layer are not the compounding interpolated through the atomic scalar function but the use of the atomic grid to bastardize the atomic shell into inonic featureless teleportations. The first shell is the most usefull but not the best at gaining attenuity for the halogenic compunding features presented in the next two.

The second layer in the atomic shell is generated like the first since this layer is found to be the primary carrier wave from the third to the first and thusly allows the atomic shell to confine the secondary nucleus though the atomic structure is still intact. The inonized gas when super-genetized allows the use of may different polyhedronal structures to joint-demaskify the shell into tendency towards and the side. This is the job of the secondary shell so it may not explode in a nuclear reaction.

The Third unity shell is confined permanently for reasons we think are obvious. The forces of Halogenic Compounding in one atom represents million of volts per mil/hr/pressure gradient excluded. So we have come to an empass of sorts that we are not the allowing the third shell to operate in the high pressurized system of excitation of the primary and secondary shell.

The Fourth Shell has the influence of the first and fifth being that it mitigates disaster in the order of many bases so we do not explode into ashe upon contact with another atomic structure.

Finally, we have the fifth order shell which is used to define the fluxture of the shell and repulsions the atomic structure of itself and others. The test has been proven that significates the atomic structures as inter-communities of positronic upphagis reactions and not mere gluon-anti-mounc distortions.

In halogenic compounding gassification we have many layers. So if the nodal point of all layers can be acssessed then we have a party of five instead of two. We have to make sure we don’t apply to much electonic divergence since this will annihilate the halogenic compounding partially in the fluxture of the fifth set and it’s subsets.

The nodal theory is better than the gassification theory if we challenge the idea that gassification is the lesser of two evils in shell theory and not the fully loaded wave particle of a nodal enclave.

Too be continued….