Habitat of the Black Bear

The American black bear is the most known and common bear species in North America, even ranging as far as Northwest Canada, and even as down south as Mexico. These bears are a very close relative to the Asiatic black bear, and even are known to have very similar features, they are just broader and larger. An interesting fact about the American black bear is that it can stand up and can even walk on its hind legs, but of course this is only for a few minutes before going down on all fours once again.

Black bears don’t really have a specific habitat that they dwell in. Although, black bears are mostly found in deep forestry areas and also agricultural fields. In forests, they share the environment with other animals such as rabbits, foxes, and the like. They like to stay near large trees for the shade and they also hunt by these trees since they provide an excellent forest floor full of their main diet.

In the forests, they tend to sleep in large coves or if they can find one, a deep cave. They also search for deep hallowed out crevices inside large and flourishing trees, this is the perfect place for them to keep warm and to also hibernate during the winter months. Even though these black bears truly enjoy the more forest like areas, man made buildings are starting to take over their habitat so many bears have migrated to other places that seem a little unfit for them, for example, a burned forest area or even a junkyard!

Since they can adapt to such areas, black bears are definitely not on the extinction list, but still it is strange to find a black bear in a junkyard or even a small woods area that is near a city, since people have seen bears cross the street to get to their wooded home. Although some like to deter away from the extra forest areas and prefer places with a stream flowing and some land between. Some are even found on the higher tops of mountains, which doesn’t seem too fit for them and yet they adapt quite well.

They can also be found along tidelands and beached areas as unfamiliar as it is for them to live around. These black bears can live almost everywhere! Even if they prefer the shaded forest, they have expanded to almost every part of North America.