Guide to Natural Mood Elevators

There are natural ways to elevate ones mind. This can be very helpful in fighting depression and anxiety. This article discusses some of the natural methods to achieve a desirable elevated state of mind.


  • Physical exercise, something we should all be doing anyway, is a great mood elevator.
  • Sunshine, in limited amounts, is important in keeping depression at bay.
  • Pets provide both companionship and someone to care for. Unqualified love is a great mood elevator.

How to Elevate your Mood Naturally

In today’s stressful world and with the pressures of time, it becomes all too easy for both patient and doctor to become too reliant on pharmaceutical products to relieve anxiety and depression. This need not be the case as there are natural things you can do or take that often have better results than the so called wonder anti depressant drugs. You might be very surprised to know that some of these things, which you should be doing anyway to stay healthy, will have the great side effect to elevate your mood naturally. That is what this article is all about; introducing you, or reintroducing as the case may be, to ways to elevate your mood, your emotional state in a way that is natural.

Exercise daily – To stay healthy most of us need at least 15 minutes a day of simple exercise. This requires no special equipment. In fact you have the equipment it takes within you already. Your body, with its musculature and nervous system rewards you for taking care and toning your body by producing endorphins. Endorphins are pleasure causing chemicals that naturally elevate your state of mind and make you feel better. It is often noted by professional trainers that customers who start their daily workout stating they are not in a good mood, often exercise longer naturally. This is because unconsciously their body reacts to and appreciates the effect of the endorphins. This causes you to exercise an extra amount without even a thought.

Diet Therapy – Some foods have chemical components that are bad for our body and mind. At the same time other foods have chemical components that have a wonderful calming effect, such as turkey. Who does not remember that great after Thanksgiving dinner feeling to the point of starting to feel wonderfully sleepy. That comes from a mood enhancing amino acid called tryptophan. This amino acid is found in turkey, natural organic cow’s milk and some types of wheat. Foods high in B vitamins are also important to naturally elevate your mood.

Daily Sunshine – In recent years there has been so much publicity about skin cancer that many persons consider the sun and enemy. In fact the opposite is the case. It is just that, like many things, too much of even a good thing can cause problems. In the case of sun a short blast of afternoon sun for 15 to 30 minutes a day helps your body produce vitamin D and also delivers the not yet fully understood the natural way we can elevate our mood by taking advantage of sun light. If this seems strange to you, ask anyone that lives in the northern latitudes how wonderful the sun is when you don’t see it for months at a time. Natural sun light is so important that modern temporary replacements are welcome in northern areas of the world.

Use Good Fats – Dietary science is just beginning to understand more fully what fats are good for us and in fact necessary for good health and well being. Fat from some nuts and soy beans are healthy for cardio vascular as well as mental state of mind reasons.

Get a Pet – Studies show persons, especially older persons that have a pet are happier and live longer. Having a pet provides you with something that depends on you that returns care with total unrestricted affection. This has a wonderful effect to elevate your mental state in a natural and non medical way.

Join a Group – Don’t stay alone. Spending time with friends that are fun and happy in their own right naturally raises your mood.

There are some natural supplements that are long time alternative remedies for depression and that are said to elevate the mood of a person. St Worts is one of these. As with any supplement you should make sure your doctor is aware you plan to take supplements if you are on any other prescribed medicine what so ever. With all the types of natural suggestions given here above in this article, you may find you do not need to depend or to spend money, in itself a depressing activity, on supplements to elevate your mood in a natural way.Physical exercise, something we should all be doing anyway, is a great mood elevator.Sunshine, in limited amounts, is important in keeping depression at bay.Pets provide both companionship and someone to care for. Unqualified love is a great mood elevator.