Groundbreaking Inventions of the 20th Century

The best inventions:

Everyone would agree the best invention is the Internet, because it gets communication done easily and quickly. people cannot live without the internet, and use it on hour at end. I think with internet, many things can be done, it is like going to a shopping centre and having lots of shop of many variety all under one roof, but the internet is better, because you do not have commute anywhere, as it can be found in your home, or on your phone.

Playing cards I think is really great invention, there are over 1000 games that can be played with card, that can keep a lot of people entertained, as most games involve more than 2 people participating. also one player games can be played, like solitaire, and building pyramid, card games can also be played on the computer or online. Snap and Rummy are two popular card games. Card games can also be found in gambling games and in casino, it is because playing that make casino, very rich, like Poker and Blackjack.

Many card games are made up, I have even made up card games, and there are points to some games, accessories to some games like dice or chips. I believe it is because card have different number, shapes and colours, including picture that give people the opportunity to think and come up with thousand of different games. Playing cards are also played in another way which does not include the contents of the playing cards, but just required the cards, this is known as building a card pyramid, using two cards at a time, the aim is to build the highest pyramid ever.

Many card trick can be shown with paying card, kids (and adult) love card trick they are the best tricks. I was given a book of a hundred card tricks for Christmas it unbelievable who come up with these tricks, some were hard, and some needed addition props, but most of them worked.

I think that invention that can entertain and have many function the one invention is useful. I think of all the thing we have to today for entertainment like, televisions, radios, internets, playstations, cinema, and compare this lively entrainment live we live to the 19th century, where they did not even have electricity. so having an invention that keep us entertained for ages is something amazing.