Gravitational Redshift the Lords Calling Card

Gravitational redshift, along with its complete opposite, gravitational blueshift, create a spectrum, which attempts to describe the human’s ability to correctly understand light, time, and gravity.

One approach to the explanation of gravitational redshift would be to continue to use the minutiae of the traditional “Latin Vulgate,” used by the high priests of scientific intellectualism. (There is a great deal of wisdom in maintaining this approach for the registration of the scientifically-“legal” boundaries of scientific concepts. However, just as legalese is the language of the courtroom, regarding legal matters, physics is the “legalese” of the scientific study of the physical universe.)

Another, equally-valid approach to explaining “gravitational redshift” is the use of common language words in a conversational tone. (This is the method of this present treatise. It is possibly less accurate, [as well as being intensely difficult,] but the increase in societal comprehension more than compensates for the investment.)

After all, scientists would not want to be accused of “talking over people’s heads,” (the way religionists supposedly do) in order to oppress their scientific parishioners, right?

A basic background in the nature of light itself is required to know what is meant by “gravitational redshift.” Light ranges from strong, represented by the color, blue, to weak, represented by the color, red.

Light can, also, be described as having weight. Blue is heavier (aka more wavelengths of light.) Red is light (or having less weight, due to fewer wavelengths of light.)

The sun, which is the star of our solar system, has been called a “red star.”  (This means that a weak star is enough to continue life on the blue planet, millions of miles away.)

As stars go our red star is larger, older, and “fatter” than new, blue stars, which are smaller and more toned, if you will.

This is the point of gravitational redshift.  The human mind consistently looks at the world and one’s own life from a self-centered perspective (or viewpoint.)

Life is understood as stable. 

Past, Present, and Future are assumed to be made of building-blocks that are the same for everybody as well as for everything.

“What if reality does not agree with the way things look from where we stand?”

As strange as it may seem, this is actually the case.

The difference in light color frequency was the keystone clue to show humans that just as light travels at different rates of speed, with regard to color, different points of time potentially mark different lengths of existence.

Albert Einstein’s famous formula, E=mc(squared,) is the fancy way of saying that “an object, that remains still at one fixed distance-point from the center of gravity of its resident world, is made of the physical material that can be seen, and the potential-energy that cannot be seen.”  (Note: Life can exist in the form that may be observed and codified by the five senses, and life can exist in the form that may not be observed and codified by the five senses.)

If this object is a ball, thrown away from gravity, (in other words, “up in the air,”) then its potential energy will be used up completely just trying to keep it moving away from the center of gravity.  This means that it will not be able to go as fast up into the air as it did when it left the human’s hand.

The ball slows down before it falls back to the earth, not to mention the fact that it becomes nearly weightless.

If the experiment is reversed, and the ball is dropped down into a deep well, the ball will speed up as it gets ever closer to the center of gravity, getting heavier than its original weight.

Turn that object of a ball into the small piece of light, known as a photon, and try the same two experiments.

As the light travels away from the human, who threw the ball, and away from the center of gravity, light will tend to be more and more perceived in a reddish hue, since red is a slow and weaker wavelength of light.

As the light travels away from the human, who threw the ball, and toward the center of gravity, light will tend to be more and more perceived in a bluish hue, since blue is a faster and stronger wavelength of light.

Simply put, the relative speeds between red and blue are just as significant as the thrilling activity that children could perform, during the Big Wheels craze.

Children could sit in the chassis of the Big Wheels toy car, propelling himself or herself forward or backward by “pedaling” the Big Wheels with the hands in tandem.

However, when the discovery was made that by keeping one hand still or by rotating the wheels in opposite directions, the vehicle would move in a circle, that became the activity of choice for hours on end.

This is the basis for the theory that a human could travel away from Earth for a few weeks, only to return to find that the Earth and its inhabitants had aged many years.

Unwittingly, physicists have opened the door to the potential for scientific proof of the Existence of GOD.

If red and blue are two different wavelengths of light that travel at two different speeds of time, creating the potential for the perception of different hues from unique perspectives, then that necessarily means that an eternal state of being, without a speed or without a quantification that is understandable by humans in this present existence of time and of space, is theoretically possible.

Such an understandable and potential state of being, would necessarily require the admission of the equally-understandable and equally-potential provability of the claims of The Holy Bible, which is the first and foremost Book to claim, to reveal, and to state the existence of Eternity.

If Eternity can be proven by taking gravitational redshift out to its logical conclusion, then it must necessarily follow that the Existence of GOD has the same level of probability as Eternity, which would have by then been proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Could gravitational redshift be The LORD’s “calling card?”