Gravitational Propulsion

To explain how gravity actually works we need to review what science has already told us about this fundamental force of nature that we wouldn’t exist without. The formulas for the force of gravitation and that of electromagnetism are identical except electromagnetic force can be either attractive or repulsive, while gravity is always attractive. The other difference is that electromagnetic force is 4.17 x 10(42) times stronger than gravity, that’s 4 million,170 thousand, trillion, trillion, trillion times as strong. It’s obvious that gravity, though significant at larger scales, is a relatively weak force compared to electromagnetism. All matter has the property of gravity. Matter is made of energy-mass. From Einstein we learn that mass is the densest condensate of energy-mass in a proportional ratio equal to the speed of light squared. More than 99% of the mass of an atom is contained in the nucleus. Logically, the nucleus would be a good place to look for a cause, if any, for gravity. The atomic nucleus is composed of two components, the positively charged proton and the slightly more massive uncharged neutron. The currently accepted nucleon theory of the “Standard Model, Quark theory” makes no attempt to address or describe gravity, so it will be ignored.

In With the Somewhat New

An alternative nucleon theory that is based on overlooked, but, recently reconfirmed data can explain the mechanical cause of gravity at the quantum level. The fundamental mechanics hypothesis suggested is based on the laws of electrodynamic field mechanics, E=mc2, electron-proton scattering data and the logic of cause and effect. It describes the positive proton particles in the nuclei of all matter as fundamental oscillators. This oscillating model is not an entirely new concept in physics. Max Planck a famous pioneering physicist, often referred to as the, “Father of Quantum Physics”, in his effort to explain black-body radiation, proposed that the whole atom was a fundamental oscillator. Back in 1899 our presently accepted “Rutherford-Bohr” model of the atom, where tiny negatively charged electrons orbit a central, overall positively charged nucleus at various energy levels, did not exist. Back then nobody knew the structure of atoms or if they had any structure at all. Though, wrong about the atom, Planck’s intuitive hunch about a primary oscillator appears to be true. The proton is an internally driven spherical oscillator, an electro-dynamic perpetual motion machine. It is driven by the conversion of charge energy field into mass and back again by the function M=E/C2 which is a conversion of E=MC2, Einstein’s energy-mass conversion equation. A centrally located mass particle is created by the charge dynamics and field interactions of four positive primary particles oscillating within the proton sphere or space-time bubble.

If you’re curious about the details of how the oscillating proton model works, which are too lengthy to go into now, see or The vital data is that the positive charge on all the protons in the nuclei of all atoms in existence, blink on and off in two differing positive charge configurations. The smoothly warping continuous space-time of Einstein as envisioned at the astrophysical level, is fractionated by the two perpendicularly opposed positive charge patterns blinking on and off repetitively, on the surface of the proton, at the nuclear (quantum) level. That’s why things at that level are quantized; space-time itself is quantized, warped in two different orientations caused by the alternating charge configurations on the proton. All the protons in existence flash these two patterns. The flashing of the proton charge can be seen as loosely analogous to the flashing of a camera bulb that leaves an afterimage when you close your eyes, until the cones and rods in your retina can reconstitute your vision. The difference is the charge imprinted or warped onto space-time isn’t reconstituted like your vision is. Space-time holds its imprinted charge, until or unless it reacts with particles or other warped space-time. Two intensifying horizontal charge rings… Off. Four charge points intensifying into arcs…. Off. Repeat forever….. Between these patterns is a short smooth undistorted span of space-time. Space-time at the nuclear level is fractionated into three forms, two distorted by the proton charge patterns and a third brief, smooth, undistorted portion preceding and following each differing, charge morphology. It resembles a waffle with alternating, perpendicularly opposed depressions separated by small, flat, undistorted off zones, only in an Omni directional waffling,” or honeycombing.

The dual ring warped orientation of space-time is conducive to forming energy into particles of a positive charge. The four points, expanding into arc charge distortion of space-time is amicable to forming energy into negatively charged entities. The three phases of space-time generated by all the protons, in all the matter in existence, as described above would also give rise to particle pair production, when energy interacts with them adjacently. The smooth undistorted space-time between flashes and the flash distorted quanta expands, spreads out as everything moves away from the protons of the matter where it was imprinted in our expanding universe. Gravitational mass is caused by the interaction of charge warped space-time. (Analogous to magnetic flux lines) Without the flashing charges on the proton there would be no warped or distorted space-time and thus, no gravity. The alternating proton surface charge morphologies are primarily responsible for the quantization of space-time, keeping things stirred up at the nuclear level. They are the primary reason for the “quantum foam” and virtual particle pair production in space-time. (Casmir effect)

Concept upon Concept

To fully understand gravity another analogy must be superimposed over the honey comb concept. Visualize two rows of spinning bar magnets nailed to a board at their centers, one row above the other. If we stop the spin at any random point when the magnets are lined up pole to pole, on average 50% will line up N to S or S to N and be attracted. The other 50% will repel by lining up N to N or S to S, thus, canceling out the attraction by an equal amount of repulsion giving a net attraction or repulsion of zero. Repelling electro-magnetic flux lines will not cut across one another, but, slip or slide by one another at the velocity of light. The amount of pulse that slips by a repulsive warping and joins an attractive warping of space-time is what gravity is, the slip-by pulse time that joins and cancels out its opposite (removing both oppositely configured space-time quanta from existence) after being initially repulsed by a similarly configured pulsation. As one gets closer to mass, time slows and the slip-by portion of the pulse grows longer, as does the whole pulse duration, thus, gravity increases as time slows in close proximity to mass, because light speed is constant.

The Final Frontier

The gravitational pulses should be minimally distorted about the atoms on the surface of a pure elemental material object and it should be possible to vibrate the outer electrons of the surface atoms at a frequency that is 180 degrees out of phase, thus canceling the gravitational wave of the atoms of that material and everything contained therein. This locally generated high frequency alternating current would not only gravitationally isolate the matter it is generated about, but also displace it from the local reference frame. Anyone with knowledge of chemistry, metallurgy, super-conductor electronics, structural engineering and a little imagination should be able to come up with a way to gravitationally isolate a vessel. Chemistry and metallurgy tell us that the atoms of most of the elements in nature have a certain atomic lattice alignment or geometric structure relative to each other. Some elemental substances like copper, gold, silver and aluminum, amongst others, are conductors of electricity by the nature of the loosely bound (easily shared) electrons in the outer orbits of their atoms. Other elements such as aluminum (crystalline structure, face centered cubic) and tin (crystalline lattice, tetragonal) and some compounds are superconductors which when cooled to the temperature of liquid helium can conduct electrons with virtually no resistance. This allows a very high frequency, relative to the radius of the proton, probably in the gamma-ray range frequency, to be generated. The hull of a vessel formed or coated with a superconducting element or compound, to such a degree and precision as necessary so the surface atoms generate a pure undistorted gravitational wave, should be able to be gravitationally isolated, if not propelled. The preferable shape of such a device would be spherical or some derivative of the sphere such as a cylinder, disk or cigar shape so as to place electrodes at the relative poles or at the center and around the periphery as in the case of the disk. A high speed oscillation of the surface electrons between the electrodes, which is out-of-phase with the gravity wave (out of phase waves cancel each other out) of the surface atoms of the hull of a vessel, should easily nullify the force of gravity.


Great quantities of photons would be given off as a by-product of the high speed oscillations and energy level jumping of the hull electrons, just as copious amounts of white steam and sooty smoke are given off as a by-product of a wood or coal burning steam powered locomotive. Gee, a spherical, cylindrical, disk or cigar shaped vessel flying around and giving off allot of light, now what does that bring to mind? Reversing this process and generating the electron oscillations on the inside surface of a reaction vessel would also help with fusion containment”.

Gravity actually works by a three phase warping of space-time generated by a two phased flashing of positive charge morphology, interspersed by a smooth, short off phase, on the surface of all the protons, in all the nuclei of all the atoms, of all the tangible matter in our entire universe. Matter generates space-time distortions on the micro level. Matter interacts locally with space time distortions generated by other matter = Gravity. Before there were protons, there was no gravity. This agrees with and can explain, “Inflation Theory” an accepted concept of the current “Big Bang” model of the universe.

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus”.

Francis Pharcellus Church, 1897 –

Some of the above has been taken from or modified from other articles I’ve published.