Government Economy Sociality Founding Fathers new World Order – Yes

Fairy tales are stories for children. Adults need more than make believe. Here is some wisdom. It is for your mind. You must remember the lips of wisdom are closed except to those understanding.

“Enchantment,” the word “chant” is the most used technique to accomplish the meaning of enchantment.
The spoken word is a chant without regiment. Marketing and/or advertising are the embodiment of enchantment. Communication is a teaching technique, and it takes two to tango. Training among all mammals is verbal and/or visual language.
Yes, it takes more than one thing or one creature to communicate. Human beings are easily enchanted.

Miss direction is the magician’s trick. It is seen daily during political rallies. Your attention is focused away from one with the so-called poor plan (idea) because it is our plan (idea) you are to hear. Think a second – is the politician speaking or is he speaking for an ideal supported by an ideological group? Can you tell the difference or can anyone blow smoke up your skirt or kilt?
This is an important conceptual point.
Is it coming from the individual or is it coming from an ideology. It doesn’t relieve the Republican Conservatives of George W. and his entourage.
It was the ideology without control over the ideologue. The lips of wisdom are sealed except to the ears of the understanding. Misconception is abundant in the ill prepared.

One source of today’s religions came from the Temple of Wisdom of the early Egyptian Pharaohs.
Language was still in its youth during this time. Inside was a crumbling exhibit of the Seven Truths. Those seven truths have been proven through science to be real truths.
They are the stepping-stones of understanding in chemistry and physics. Many of the Seven Truth concepts are of the unseen reality. The Temple of Wisdom was not a religious temple. The only people with enough mental discipline to understand were religious by the nature of their tribes. The Masters of the Temple did host religious people to pass on its light. It was forgotten over time by the same lack of faith in the reality that is destroying religions today. Of course, the human hand is the destroying hand. You see human reality has both a physical reality, and a mentally generated reality of the person observing. My truth to you is “what is obvious one is not obvious to everyone.”

Animals of all natures tend to group. Television is for driving the herded goats to be consumed inside a consumer economy.
In English speaking America, the people like horror thrillers dealing with Vampires. In Spanish speaking areas Chupacabras are the creatures that drain the blood from goats. TV is a one-way device to sway its watchers. Americans are proof of this scheme as they prioritize their desires above their needs.
The United States is a consumer society with a consumer-based economy. Danger-Danger Will Robinson that does not compute. A little “Lost In Space” robotic humor!

Wall Street with its great companies of large computers can’t figure out who or what has value – a flaw in the basic accounting equation is listing credit as assets against ownership. Credit bubbles grow but they are not accounted against the company. The company protects the owner/s through corporate laws. Spiraling legal philosophic maneuvering protecting human creation above the human.

RICO Fraud against the American stockholders is summation. The FBI isn’t doing its job. Corporate functioning is organized by definition. Fraud is apparent with the missing unrecoverable funds taken from the population of investors. The Constitution of the United States means nothing, as every person must take a financial loss with the bailout plan. Please show the statements of what is being done legal. The payment comes do on your children and their children.
Slavery isn’t legal as per the Lincoln era, but the children will pay or so they think. The SEC isn’t working as explained by the Bush Administration.
The FBI is following the Administrative ensemble through its investigative nature. Oh yeah, the FBI is a unit controlled through the Executive Section of Government. Damn the bad luck. The Great Nationalization is being set up.

Perhaps we should have some more awards like George Tenant. President George W. Bush said his CIA lied to him. This led to George Tenant’s stepping down and out of CIA Directorship. Then before a month had past, George W. awarded George Tenant the highest civilian honor. How cool is this? This says I (George W. Bush) told him to lie and he did.

Consumerism – the American way of life depicts this quandary with the “keeping up with the Jones” household ideal. Too bad the Executive Branch controls the investigative organizations of government.
Consumerism is like our Politicians.
They pass the buck to avoid responsibility, but passing the buck is the consumerist economy. In every aspect, the Conservative Republicans have failed the American people. The Republican stonewall in congress must not stop the U.S. population.

The shift from the national economy to the World Economy has failed. Eighty percent of Europe’s banking establishments are in turmoil because of their crossed government ties. It is very logical when one fails they all fail. This is leading people backwards to the Dark Ages.’ The Illuminati concept of very poor record keeping with no education is to succeed on greed alone. This was the time of ignorance.
The only way to get an education was in the Church. Then came the Spanish Inquisition. Monty Python humor!

Today, humans can’t be without an education on the world scale. The poorer countries win because the few go to advanced education. The Illuminati Ideal is the New World Order.
There is no equality in this ideal.
Its purpose is to set its group in control of all finances. It functioned on the European national scale for more than a millennium. In the 1400s, the noble cousins Illuminati were nearly killed out in up risings. The Dark Ages were renamed the “Middle Ages” within 20 years of the same turmoil.

The housing boom has lead to the credit bubble bursting, but the same “keeping up with the Jones Ideal” now works inversely. Eddy couldn’t pay his mortgage. His house was foreclosed. His house isn’t worth 80% of his purchase price. My house suffers in value because we live on the same street. It should be called keeping down with the Jones when neighboring life styles spirals in the same value direction. It is the bank’s property not mine. Let them have it.

Now, do you think this is unwanted property? No, it is very much wanted should the dollar or any currency go bust. Physical assets will be the only assets with value.
Now do you understand? Money, a man made invention to measure wealth.
It is reflected through lifestyle.
Is lifestyle a real mirror of wealth or is it carnival house mirror of horrors for illusion purposes?

Credit is an artificial technique to booster the amount of money without the inflationary effects of printing excess currency. Consumerism requires cash in hand unless you use a credit card. If an economy requires credit to operate without inflation then that economy is in a deflationary mode. Why isn’t there a balance on these scales? Deflation means negative numbers must be shown to the population. The education of the masses in the United States is indifferent, and negative numbers stimulates negative attitudes. To prevent a mass hysteria the government offsets deflation with printing extra cash slightly higher than the negative deflation. This is the Federal Reserve slight of hand for the dumbfounded American.

What has happened?
In basic math you understand that a negative number and a positive number of equal value cancel out in addition.
That creates a zero difference of what is in your hand. In reality, we have two negative functions canceling numerically. Deflation is a negative value allowing the consumer to buy more products with fewer dollars, and inflation increases of how many dollars it takes to buy the same thing.
The amount of dollars in your pocket seems to be the same. It buys less instead of more because the Federal Reserve insures the negative numbers never jump out by printing more inflationary dollars. Federal Regulatory adjustments make it seem like you haven’t lost a thing. The key word in the last sentence is seem, which is a look as if statement.
Deflation would bring prices down in the consumers’ market place. That is bad for business, and too good for the goats. Conservative Republicans at work.

The New World Order concept has proven to be a philosophical failure as the entire world suffers its first worldwide recession under this philosophy. The in-thing is a fad; fads need to be evaluated before societal expectations can change. Clothes are faddish things. This year its blue plaid, but next year its grey stripes. How many religions were offered to the world population before Abram (Abraham)? Not religious! “It is the American way.” This is a belief not a truth. The philosophically driven mass is a society resembling a church, which isn’t a follower of The Word. The mind of humanity is very different than the mind of any one human. The “Mind of Humanity” is the emissary of the society with the greater worldly influence. The United States has given up a great quantity of this power over the last 8 years. Your Conservative Republicans at work again.

Encroachment is a very different word. The people rejected the World Police Force during George H. W. Bush’s Presidency (Daddy Bush). George Bush, the son, acts out daddy’s N.W.O. ideal. In nature, encroachment rarely occurs between the assemblies of packs, pods, herds, gaggles, & etc, of the same species. Most animals are civilized creatures that rarely battle to the death.
Wolves’ lives are similar to humans, but fighting to the death is nearly unheard of. Like every thing humans can bet on, there are exceptions within the K-9 species. Wolves do not have the intent to kill their own species. They are territorial predators that group together for the survival of their pack.
Prehistoric tribal humans learned to use tools to kill for food. In short order, they learned to hunt their neighboring tribes for more area, and the spoils of their neighbors.

One major difference between the humans, and the K-9 species – parasites are diseases of the dog family while parasitic relations are normal within the human social-sphere. The Illuminati are ticks on society represented by the Conservative Republicans in office. This is encroachment of human rights between human beings in the free world.
Homeland Security is merely a modern day Gestapo using phone companies and computers to find you a domestic terrorist. They then put you in secret gulags abolishing your “Inalienable Human Rights” guaranteed by the Constitution of The United States. It crosses personal boundaries requiring a different manner of subservience in the American reality.

Thinking leads to ideas.
Expression is free speech.
Ideals gather strength separating humans on a mental plane. In this instance, the genetically superior brain isn’t the selective mechanism.
Ideas and Ideals are on the human social network in communication. The controlling mind of humanity mentioned above is the social bond of the masses, and it is the controller of human action. This is the nature within any grouping of social animals, and it is power. Whales, Bison, and nearly every mammal have social enchantments within a species. It is a social hierarchy and it is the nature of the beast.

If the Bull runs of the cliff, most of the herd will fall after him. People understand this, but they also understand it is easier to rip off someone (one person or one household) if you are asked into his or her home. The brain observes, which social norms to maintain, and others norms to change for favorable business negotiations. You purchase televisions.
You bring the TVs into your home.
You watch the machine. You are enchanted. Who’s the boob, you or the boob tube? Your mind is molded into agreement while the same is done to others changing society. This is mass direction not mass hysteria.

Molding society is done through communications. Company concepts have encroached upon you. You are in your wishfully dreaming trance. The calamity of sucking the social lifeblood (cash) from you is done.
This scenario has every aspect of a vampire movie, but money is the blood of every human society. How is this possible?

Human behavior is not alone within this phenomenon, but humans are the only ones with cash. Dogs make good pets because they will do anything necessary to eat and survive. Expectation plays a big role in animal communications. Training animals – people use the reward / penalty to reinforce acceptable behavior for their pets. Social animals, such as dogs, are influenced in the same manner and they exhibit enchantment. Dogs are being used descriptively because they are common in most American’s lives.
This gives you a familiar reference.
Language within the animal kingdom is obscure to human beings, but animals’ actions, specifically their reactions are not. Humans react too, but they don’t understand their pets’ language. It is complex yet simple to get ideas in the minds of animals.
The human race is apart of the animal kingdom. This statement alone will give clues to “How it is possible” to move the mind of society.

Darwin spoke of the survival of the fittest. The genetic evolution of animals is the rule for survival. There are changes in every animal’s environment. Animals must adapt physically to survive these changes. People must choose to survive with the changes they make. The mental reality is now in play. The human being is the “beast” spoken about in Biblical teaching so beware, and exercise your choice.