Giant Asteroid to Pass by Earth Days after Massive Solar Eruption on the Sun 2013

The world was breathing a sigh of relief after the recent failed December 21st, 2012 doomsday predictions, hoping that would be it when it comes to apocalyptic theories of world destruction. Then another prediction rears its ugly head from the latest news headlines and tabloids. This one, however, happens to be much more realistic than biblical Armageddon and actually has science on its side. A giant asteroid is set to miss earth barely this Friday the 15th of February 2013 and on the 16th in areas such as New Zealand, but, if it did hit, the asteroid would strike with the force of a nuclear explosion and have the power to render the entire city of London, England to ruin.

The asteroid, known as “2012 DA14” will prove to be the closest near-miss that earth has seen in an age. Missing earth by only approximately 17,000 miles, the asteroid will fly closer into earth’s orbit than many satellites according to a report from “The Daily Mail”. The asteroid will appear in earth’s orbit at its closest point at around 7:30 pm, GMT or UK time, and it will actually be visible to those who are blessed with clear skies and the ability to know where to look, such as via binoculars and telescopes at high points. The spectacle is gathering plenty of astronomical parties and gatherings for aspiring fans who will gather to see this potentially once in a lifetime near-miss.

Predicted with the same destructive proportion that levelled Siberia in 1908, the asteroid was originally feared as a potentially world-changing destructive event after its discovery in 2012 but when the size and distance away of the object was analysed, it was luckily labelled as a near-miss event.  According to the same report from The Daily Mail, scientists are eagerly awaiting the asteroid as its passing through the atmosphere enables swift and precise analysis that will help learn more about asteroids and hopefully, why they are getting closer and closer to earth each time.

Another report from “” states that the asteroid is worth almost 200 billion dollars in resources that could be mined if the asteroid was to give prospective companies, such as the “Deep Space Mining company” access to its materials. At this time, however, mining is not an option.

The news of the asteroid’s near collision with earth comes just a few days after it was announced that a solar storm could completely decimate earth’s electronics when it finally hits. With scientists only being able to give a fifteen minute warning, the effects could ravage the earth. Speculation continues to make its rounds after a solar eruption from the sun this past Saturday with its rays aimed at earth.