Geomagnetic Field Reveals Increasing Danger of Continent Killing Quakes

Russian geophysicist Pogrebnikov concurs with his colleagues at Harvard and Stanford: the earth may be in for a hell of a time.

Imagine events just short of doomsday and you’ll have a small glimpse of the global catastrophes that may lie just ahead.

Some scientists have seen this future—and the future is damn scary.

The former geologist Jim Berkland also “sees the future” on a regular basis, at least as far as earthquakes are concerned. He watches the geomagnetic field by watching aberrations in animals: odd actions, bizarre events, eerie mass deaths.

And the world’s animals are self-destructing in swarms, hordes, flocks.

The magnetite embedded in many animal’s brains make them sensitive to changes in the magnetic field. When that field is disrupted, some animals go mad. They get lost. Whales beach themselves. Birds desperately soar in confused flight and crash into each other, the ground and buildings.

Sometimes they just fall from the sky and die.

Berkland, a former USGS scientist has an 80 percent success rate predicting significant earthquakes. That’s the best in the world and no one else comes close to that record.

Geomagnetic field hints at what earth’s core is doing

The earth’s history is one of violence. The oceans, the mountains, the great plains and savannas were all created by titanic forces that make the March 2011 Japanese earthquake look like a gentle rumble by comparison.

Awesome forces driven by a shifting core thrust up the mighty Andes from the bottom of the sea, changed the icecaps, formed coastlines and sunk whole island chains.

As the core stresses, compresses, spins and writhes its internal tortures are evident in the changes of the warping magnetic field.

That field is also stressed by interaction with the sun’s influence on the earth within the magnetosphere. A delicate tug-of-war over the eons creates a dance of life and death.

As the core shifts and the erratic geomagnetic field moves towards reversal, evidence mounts that studies such as “Ultralow-Frequency Magnetic Fields Preceding Large Earthquakes” by Antony C. Fraser-Smith of Stanford University and Harvard’s “Statistical relationship of strong earthquakes with planetary geomagnetic field activity” reveal the increasing possibility that massive, ‘continent killing’ super-quakes will reshape the current maps of the world.

Geodynamo creates earth’s magnetic field

The mighty currents of molten rock, under intense pressure, boil beneath the crust creating earthquakes, volcanoes and continental drift. It is also the geodynamo that creates the earth’s magnetic field and the interaction with the solar magnetosphere can initiate plate drift, tensions and the massive buckling and shearing between the plates called faults. The movement along the fault lines is called an earthquake.

Geomagnetic flux, often a precursor to mighty quakes, is sometimes accompanied by strange harmonics: people see colors dancing in the sky or hear what sounds like discordant music.

Then the earth moves and like a giant, invisible hand changes the lands and seas.

The growing aberrations of the magnetic field—and the increasing level activity of the sun—is symptomatic of the change in the earth’s core. A dangerous change. An uncontrollable change. A change that is leading to the possibility of greater and greater disasters.

The core is restless now and when it is Mankind too cannot rest…