Future of Religion

The future of religion is succumbing to a “made to order” and customizable philosophy. Religion is basically a set of rituals, behaviors, and thoughts that someone has and these systems are supposed to guide a person to right behavior, but there are so many religions springing up that the future remains pretty obscure and confusing.

Christianity, although ancient and has its words found in the bible, is not the only religion out there. There is Hinduism, Buddhism, New Age, Kabbalah, the list goes on, but if it isn’t steeped in truth and studied carefully, then people will fall into religious traps that promises good things but never require people to do good for one another or make sacrifices. There is a saying that goes: “If you stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Is that where religion is headed today?

Religions are being made to order. If someone comes up with a new philosophical thought,  all jump on the band wagon because it is fresh, it is hot, and it pleases the “itching ears” as it says in 2 Timothy 4:3 of the bible. These people will want something that soothes them. It is unique and speaks to their soulsand it is current. It is applicable to their situations and so the people now and in the future will slice and dice sound doctrine and spice it up to their liking.

Religion is not only made to order, but it is personalized, customized like a piece of jewelry where you have your name branded on it. The idea here is: “If it makes me feel good, and doesn’t ask me to love my grouchy neighbor for no apparent reason, then I’m all for it.”

Confusion sets in eventually. The world will look around and try to find a genuine gem, something to rely on, to believe in, and will find a plethora of ideologies, philosophies, and brand new religions that focuses on the self. This what the human mind searches for and that in itself is not a bad thing. In fact, a real religion would promote people seeking the truth for what it is and not just have people dress and act a certain way because of human control issues.

To conclude, religion is in a state of constant change and customization. Who is to say that the next wave will be no wave at all? Everyone will just need to love one another in spite of religious differences.