Fruits of Inventions of Science

As a fundamental aspect of everything, science exists at a constant level and never stops, because it never can. From the moment someone closes their eyes and falls asleep, there are already over several hundred different studies and scientific explanations for why, how, what, when, and for who. Studies cross over into motor control in response to REM and psychology breaks apart the fabrics of dreams, while others are calculating the factors surrounding your body and exactly how the food you ate beforehand is going to impact your slumber. When you wake up in the morning refreshed or tired from the rest, nothing changes.

This is science in everyday life, the explanations and reasons for why things happen, the breaking apart of everything we take for granted, and the work of millions that have theorized the explanations up until this point. Here is the morning routine in action.

The science of getting ready in the morning is one that exists in the form of habits or patterns of motion. These behaviors may experience changes when reacting to weather, television news, or radio (where each different category is a topic that entire reports can be written on) music or programs. What this person eats, how they select the foods, and the biological processes are all aspects of science, as is everything from chemicals, clothing, eyeglasses, etc.

When a person goes to work and closes and locks the door, they don’t think about the various mechanisms within the door knob that mesh with the pattern of the key and the mechanism at work, nor do they think about the thermal patterns against their house from both the sunlight that is provided by a fusion reactor at the center of the solar system, and the heat from inside trying to escape through faults in insulation or gaps in seals. They do not concern themselves with why they are living complex organisms nor do they think about the ecosystem above atomic interaction.

As the person gets in their car to go to work, they don’t think about the car and how it works, how it was engineered, or the ages that went into the foundation of metal works and the understanding of the various hydrocarbons used both as fuel and to make it look nice. While driving to work, they do not think about the society and technology around them in any significant ways, nor do they wonder why the system of work order exists the way it does and for what reason. They just go to work for money, a foundation of trading a paper object with no real value.

All day long, though they are bombarded by everything, they only exist as a part of the whole, contributing to only the specific factors that they are supposed to and going no further to question their own actions and how it is beneficial in the present or future membranes of thought and trade. They just use the tools given to them and take everything for granted because “that’s how it is”. They don’t even think about why the world moves as it does, nor do they care.

When all is said and done they retired for the day, entertain themselves for pleasure sensations they don’t care to understand, and call it a day. Why not recognize the science behind this everyday process? Why bother? Even just knowing it is there is enough.