Freuds Famous Theory

Freud was born in Moravia(now czech republic) in 1856.Beliefs in central europe were quiet different to Freuds.Beliefs included that sexual activity was evil and lead to sickness and death.Masturbation was seen as an evil act and that it was linked to criminality,retardation and mental illness.If a woman got pleasure from sexual activity they were seen as bad wives and destined to be prostitutes.
Freud can be seen as brave because ;he stood up against all the beliefs of time.He was seen as a pioneer for personality studies.he believed that sex was a good thing and lead to better health for evryone.He did not agree with the western way of thinking that people should have sex at every available opportunity but he did think that the current regime was too strict with its sexual policies. Freud was seen as an outsider in his time. his followers were known as disciples. Some of Freuds theories were strange and outlandic but centuries later,he is seen as the father of personology or personal pyschology.
A dogma is when someone gets an idea into their head and no matter what evidence is presented to them will not change their mind,regardless of the truth and facts that are given to them.freud was guilty of this and hence his reputation as a scientist was tarnished. Freudians-freuds followers in nowadays would have a much better and grander name if Freud had not been so dogmatic.