Flower Moon

The Full Flower Moon occurs in the month of May. It is called by several other names such as The Full Corn Moon, Planting Moon, The Moon When The Ice Goes Out of the Rivers, The Milk Moon or The Dryad Moon. This is the time of the year in most areas when flowers are blooming, the sun is plentiful and trees are green and everything is growing. It is considered a time of renewal.

The Full Flower Moon is considered the best time of the year for reaching delayed goals and finishing projects. Difficult tasks are said to be easier to complete at this time.

Wiccans in particular believe the Dryad Moon is and exceptionally powerful time of the year and they sometimes hold ceremonies to welcome the moon in. They use brightly colored clothing and flowers along with candle in silver candlesticks and the scent of jasmine on their altars to worship nature at this time.

Farmers believe that the Planting Moon is the best time to plant and grow certain crops. They also believe this is the best time to build barns and other farm necessities for good luck. Some of the Farmers Almanac is based on the mythology of the Full Flower Moon. Many even go so far as to ask nature to bless their fertilizers and their plants for a good crop.

In times past some people believed in asking nature to bless their money so it would flourish and grown throughout the year.

Last but certainly not least the Full Flower Moon is believed to have magical powers when it comes to passion and renewing love. It is also considered the best time for finding new love. It is believed that if a person is willing to open their hearts and minds they can and will grown mentally, physically and spiritually during the time of the Full Flower Moon.It is a time to let new friendships flourish and grow. It is time to take chances in your career and stop putting things off.

Whether or not an individual believes in magic and these things is up to each person.Maybe this is why there are so many June weddings. Could people have originally met their true loves in May during the Full Flower Moon? There is no doubt that everyone considers the Full Flower Moon to represent only positive things for man and nature.