Finding the Real Meaning of Intelligence

Awareness is Digital
The universe is a blob of constantly moving energy, it is analog, there are no gaps anywhere, the universe is uniformly energy. The energy within the visible spectrum entering our eyes is an analog flow. But our eyes work in a digital fashion, 24 times per second, electrons flow or don’t flow (on/off) in a pattern determined by the energy entering them, along the optic nerve to our brains. Those patterns of on/off are stored in our brain and compared to previously inputed patterns for comparison and storage as neurons. When you see an object, eg a chair, the pattern is digitized (broken down into patterns of on/off flows of electrons) and transmitted to the brain. Once there, a neuron is built with that impression as a memory. The next object you see is also digitized and transmitted to the brain, once there, a neuron is built with that impression and is compared to all previously encoded impressions. If the most recent impression is the same as any previously recorded ones, you recognize the object as being another chair, or not a chair. These neurons are our database, which perpetually grows with all new inputs. Walking down the street, seeing things as you move may look analog(constant), but it is actually entering our awareness as individual packets of information to be processed and compared in our brain. We just don’t see the breaks in between because they are too fast. Movies and tv shows are filmed at 24 frames per second to sync with our eyes’ ability to transmit. But if you look at the actual film, u see it is one frame at time, with no apparent motion in each frame.Along this same train of thought, all of our senses are digital, a smell, a touch, a sound are all recorded as patterns of on/off flows of electrons stored as neurons in our brain.
Our brains are constantly sending pulses of electrons through our synapsis(the paths electrons flow along connecting our neurons). At night when you go to sleep, this flow is shut down in all parts of our brain (except vital life functions, breathing, heart beats etc.) . Our brains are batteries, they need to recharge the supply of electrons to send these impulses. This is where dreams come in. When we sleep, our consciousness ends, ceases. Our thoughts and actions are generated by the flow of electrons through our brain. When the reactions shut down for the night, our self awareness essentially dies. But there are lots of electrons in the universe, dreams are when random electrons stimulates one of these neurons and an image of consciousness flashes, thus u have a ‘dream’. A few of these random flashes occur each night, striking some neuron somewhere with a memory impression stored on it. These are purely random interactions, its in the morning when we wake up and our consciousness turns back on, and we create a story by linking those random flashes of consciousness. Ie some electron floating in the atmoshpere of Jupiter richochets its way throught space to my bedroom and stimulates a neuron memory i have of a beach. Another electron in orbiting the moon makes it way here and stimulates a neuron memory of walking. In the morning, I make a story that I dreamt I was walking on the beach. Day dreams are exactly the same, these random interactions are actually going on all the time, but during wake time, we have too much other stimulus coming in to notice them, but when your in high school class bored out of your skull, you will notice these random images being generated….daydreams.
Now, to the original topic, intelligence. This is determined by any particular persons brain chemistry, how efficiently ones brain facilitates these flows of electrons along our synapsis to stimulate these neurons for storage and comparison. The more efficient the flow of electrons and building of neurons, the more intelligence there is.