Finding Alternate Power Sources

Let’s think about this for a minute, “Alternate Power”. The answer is in the name. It would seem there has been a big buzz of a new invention called the Over-Unity motor. A motor that is based on the principles of “alternating” magnetic “Power”. We all know that a magnet has two poles, north and south. As well as electric circuits have a positive (+) and a negative (-) side. So why is it taking so long for people to come up with a way to utilize this concept for up to 600% free energy. And an energy source that has no emissions at all. Yes, I said up to 600% free energy. The basis of the process it that with a small initial start up power source, the charged magnetic field composed of a rotor assembly and stators begins to gain momentum. As this momentum increases, the field creates energy. That energy is then returned back to the host that started the reaction, like a battery, and the rest of the energy, about 80% is then free to be used or stored in other applications. With this new process the possibilities are almost endless. Anything that we use in the modern day could be powered in one way or another by this free energy source. For example, there is unit that has been created already that is about the size of a watermelon that creates enough power to supply a house with it’s electricity. Imagine the thought of bad weather never leaving you without power again, not to mention the freedom from your pricey electric and gas company’s. And speaking of gas, we all know those prices are not coming down very soon, how about fully self-sufficient electric vehicles. If a unit the size of a water melon can serve a whole house, then imagine what it could do for an AC motor to move a car.

But, the biggest problem we will find with this technology is getting it to be available. Because you know that the government will not let it become so easy to get out from under their regulations. With something like this we could be free from utility guidelines and rate increases and free from the threat of that disconnect notice. But, like I said, Big Brother is not going to let people have that kind of freedom. Because we all no regulations and rules are made to be broken, and when they are broken, fines and penalties have to be paid. So, I am sure that there will be something that is found that makes it “Unsafe, or a hazard, or unstable”. We have all heard of the people that created the 100mpg carburetor and shorty disappeared, or had an accident.

When things like this are discovered people need to keep it in the possession of the people, and not put into patents for the government to regulate. Yes a patent might make you well off from the royalties that you have to gain from them. But, it also could be the downfall of a great product or opportunity to make life and the world a little easier. Some things are great to get a patent on, like the super heated air oven, and the talking spatula. But things that could revolutionize the modern age of energy usage should be kept with the people that will benefit the most from it. Let’s face it, we have to watch out for us, the common person, because with the environment going the way it is, the government is not doing the best job.