Granddaughters will sometimes show more genetically inherited traits of their grandmother than their mothers, in many families across the world. The funny part is that it is either grandmother, not just the mother’s mom.

My dad has three daughters with my mother, three out side daughters and three sisters. I am the only one of the nine whom looks exactly like his mother. I have the same skin tone, eye and hair color and body shape. I have one sister who has the body shape and that is all. One of her daughters has her eye color and one her skin tone. When ever we are all out somewhere together, most first guess is that I am her daughter and many find it surprising that I am her sons’ daughter. My dads’ youngest sister has two granddaughters’ whose baby pictures looks like mines and the traits are already there that they to will look more like their great grandmother then their mother.

My second oldest son has two daughters and where ever we go, people will remark on how much they look like me and in most cases people think that the oldest girl is my daughter instead of granddaughter.

My mom had three daughters with my dad, two with her first husband and four sisters. My mother fourth daughter is her twin, down to the walk, but the oldest is a twin to my mothers’, mother. Of my grandmother’s five girls two had her eye, one her skin color and two her body shape. Of seven children there is no one whom shows more of their mother traits, but of the ever growing 19 plus granddaughters and 11 plus great granddaughters, there are many that show what it means for a person to live on forever.

Genetically inherited traits are a funny thing, they can jump around given one child this or that and jump in a grandchild and give them everything. There are also cases where the mother, daughter and granddaughter look so much alike that the only difference is their age. Yet, I have found that it is more common for genetically inherited traits to skip over once or twice. In this genetically inherit skip, the granddaughters will take on so much of the grandmother traits that it is like she is watching herself grow up again. This is because the granddaughter will have her grandmother’s ways, her fire or her quietness, her movement or her stillness and the genetic traits might be so strong that the way the grandmother laugh might show up in a granddaughter who has never met her.

I have never met either side of my family tree great grandmothers but there have been many girls born to our family, that cause someone to say that she looks like grandmother such and such and my family finds great pleasure knowing that these great ancestors are living on forever in their descendent’s, both female and male.