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to not be directed from the truth; descriptive-characterizing, circumstantial, as a descriptive mark- trademark, which merely describes the goods to which it is affixed.descriptive serving and aiming to describe the quality of representing(sawyer stores versus mitchell,103.148,62p.2d,342,348.second meaning of descriptive- some words or other devices used as trade marks, may not be distinctive when first adopted but may acquire distinctiveness over time. distinctive- clear and distinct as to say distinct actions. being well marked;character, the opinion generally entertained of a person derived from the common report of the people who are acquainted with the him(character-being-body-self)circumstantial testimonies not based on actual personal knowledge or observation of facts in controversy, but of other facts from which deductions are drawn, having indirectly the facts sought to be proved.extenuating circumstances that which renders a crime or to tort less heinous than it would be without it, it is opposed to aggravation. renders-allocate; bring about.heinous-objectionably. circumstances, attendant, or accompanying facts. evidence that indicates the improbability of an event.descriptive-fraudulent conveyances.a conveyance or transfer of bankrupted property, for little or no consideration at a time when the debtor is insolvent or one which renders debtors capital unreasonably small or one mad by a debtor who believes that he will not be able to meet maturing obligations or one with actual intent to hinder, delay or defraud his creditors. such fraudulent conveyances may be avoided by the trustee. bankruptcy code 548.based on fraud. done made or effected with a purpose designed to carry out a fraud. conveyance in its most common usage, transfer of title to land from one person or class of persons to another by deed.terms may also include assignment, lease, mortgage or encumbrance of land. generally every instrument in writing by which an estate or interest in reality is created smally versus juneau clinic building ,corp., 493p.2d,1296,1299.alienation a transfer of the property by one person to another- to turn away the affection of a foreign born who has not been naturalized and who owes allegiance to another country- a foreigner-yesmen who always agrees with superiors, regardless of personal convictions. scientific progress of descriptive circumstances.