Facors that Affect Personality

In studying the behaviors of people, it is important to note that people are different. They have different traits and characteristics and each has their own unique and distinct personality. Thus, individual differences of people or in layman’s language, personality differences are molded by certain factors and determinants.

Hence, personality differences have a lot to do with how people behave, act or react in line with corresponding stimuli. More so, much focus is put upon understanding personality differences in order to come up with logical explanation of the ideas and concepts of motivation, behavior and other similar personal philosophies.

Traditionally, modern psychological studies suggest that factors such as the ones below have a lasting effect on an individual’s personality.

Past Experiences

Experience is one of the major determinants of personality, it could affect a person either positively or negatively. For instance a person who has harsh experiences of say, being left behind, may display characteristics of distrust and may isolate himself from others.

On the other hand, good experiences can fuel us either consciously or subconsciously to be motivated to work towards achieving the same results. People respond depending upon their experiences whether good or bad.

Dreams and Ambitions

Dreams and ambitions shape our personality in a way that it facilitates our goals. We start to set priorities and change the way we are in order for such priorities to be fulfilled. Hence, these aspirations are perhaps the strongest factors that develop our attitude towards work and career.


Each person views himself quite different from how other people perceived him. Thus, one’s self-image usually breeds personality characteristics that stick within the self-image. People who feel highly with their selves display a certain aura of confidence and make it always seem that they are a cut above the rest.


People are brought up and raised in different environments. It’s no coincidence that those who grew up in suburbs and violent-stricken areas tend to be tougher than usual. Those who were born as an orphan are likely to be more self-reliant and may feel a higher sense of responsibility as he knows that his fate depends on his efforts.


Education falls into two categories; school smarts and street smarts. Thus, the most effective way of shaping one’s personality is to have a taste of both types and experience both worlds. School smarts are the knowledge gained from school while street smarts are the learning that came from even the most unlikely sources.