Exploring the Theory that Time does not Exist

“Time is an illusion – lunchtime, doubly so” – Ford Prefect, “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy”

Now, this is something that ironically has taken a lot of my time thinking about. I think that this more of a philosophical question than a physical one. But allow me to present a concept that a friend of mine thought of many years ago.

Let’s assume that the Universe is infinite. It goes out in all directions forever. Try not to conceptualize infinity for too long. Just accept this for now.

Now, let’s assume that there are an infinite number of Universes. If we’ve already accepted infinity once, imagining infinity to the infinite power shouldn’t be that hard.

So, given that there are an infinite number of infinitely large Universes this means that anything and everything possible (or at least probable) is happening in at least one of these Universes at any given time. So, theoretically, one could think that we’re not truly moving through time at all, but simply moving from one point in one Universe to another.

Of course, in order for this theory to work we would still need a constant and here is where we get to the philosophical part of the concept. The only concept would have to be something that isn’t physical, but rather metaphysical. Some could say that it’s the mind, soul, or whatever. But, if you put it into that perspective it actually works. It could also explain things like psychic phenomenon and deja vu as nothing more than your mind/soul/whatever catching a slight glimpse of a Universe that you were not meant to go to, but blinked into for half a second.

It’s just a theory, but it works for me.

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