Explaining Carbon Foot Prints

Carbon “Foot-Print”

Last night I met a man from Seattle, who claimed to be some kind of engineer. After conversing whith him, I related my feeling of “Seattleites”, in which I say that Seattle is the “Pansy-ass” capital. I was right, in that coming from Seattle, he said that he welcomed “Global Warming” as it has been cold in the state of Washington. (It never fails to amaze me how ignorant are people.) After explaining my stride to stop the demolition of the world, I mentioned the situation that I am just a nobody. I related to the millionaire, ex- vice president of the United States who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, he then scoffed. I then asked him if he believed in what Mr. Gore proposed. He then went on to tell me how much “Energy” that Gore wastes. He adamantly commented the rumor that Gore bought and used “Carbon Credits” to offset his use of “Energy” (the oxidation of fossil fuels)! Carbon Credits are so called as they are used to “side-step” the pollution laws. A factory or businesses are allowed to expel so much “Carbon” in the atmosphere. If a company dose not use all the “credits”, (due to losing money or just “breaking even”, can sell those credits to a firm that is emitting more pollutants that is allowed)! (It seems that the money controlled news media has done a good job of smearing anyone who speaks the truth)! “Did you see the movie”, I asked, “no” was the reply. In my life time, I still can’t believe that people make comments and decisions on things to which they are not aware! The next story is about innocent ignorance. Whilst I was engaged n conversing whith the gentleman, (I use the word loosely), two beautiful young ladies sat next to me. The prettiest one was next to me and was anxious to have conversation. On the subject of “Green”, I explained to both man and lady that the phrase “Green” was just a news media brainwashing term. The damsel and I started exchanging thoughts and stories on the environment. She explained how she stopped driving and rode a bicycle to work. I said that I did not have a bicycle, but I did do a lot of walking. (I recently bought another house about 15 blocks away. I live in both and sometimes will walk back in forth to one or the other). Also my car is about 5 year’s old whith less than 15,000 miles. That leads me to explain the carbon “Foot-Print”. I asked her if she really knew what the term meant. She admitted that, indeed, sure she was not. Carbon “Foot-Print”. But first- All “Fossil” fuel, along whith “Bio” fuel, (“Energy”), is a hydrocarbon. It matters not whether the “fuel” is Gasoline, Butane, Propane or Ethanol, etc. They are all a molecule composed of Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen. The only thing that goes “Bang”, burns, (Oxidizes), is the Hydrogen! The carbon forms a molecule with the Oxygen and forms C02. That is your Carbon- “Foot-Print”. The third time tat I was in Europe, about 30 years ago, when visiting northern Germany, I notice that some of the old churches that were being restored after W11, had brown- black streaks running down the sides. Five years ago, on my 5th trip to Europe I noticed white streaks. While I was waiting for the tour to start in Venice, I was sitting on the steps of St. Marko plaza. It was about 1500 hours. I stared up at the gargoyles and noticed the white streaks on the side of the building. Then it came to me, of course. During the “Industrial Age”, the main source of power, “energy” was derived from coal. I figured that the soot of the coal burning caused the buildings to become covered whith soot. Then later, whith the switch to liquid fossil fuel, (petroleum), the Sulfur and Nitric acids, (Acid Rain) that were formed via the Sun had “washed” off part of the soot! Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) Sulphurous acid will oxidise to Sulphuric acid in the airFor some of the sulphur dioxide (SO2) emitted will react directly with oxygen radical in the air, oxidises to sulphur trioxide SO3, then this SO3 will react with the water molecules in the air forming sulphuric acid (H2SO4). Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) mainly refers to the gaseous of nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen monoxide. The main sources of these gases are from the burning of fossil fuel and by lightning. When these gases are emitted into the atmosphere, they will react with the water molecules in the air to form acid rain.

As whith all fossil fuels, they all contain Hydrogen, (which is the only thing that “burns”), Oxygen and Carbon. Now coal is mostly Carbon whith very little Hydrogen. That and whith the fact that it contains Sulfur and other harmful chemicals, makes burning it as sensible as adding arsenic to drinking water! London, England ( 5129’51.75″N, 0 7’47.65″W) was the site of a dense smog caused by heavy coal combustion during the winter of 1952, which killed approximately 12,000 people.

As a longshoreman in Stockton, Ca, at the port thereof, I, (we), load sulfur on to ships to be used for fertilizer. As whith Coke, which is loaded in Pittsburg Ca. they are a by product of the local oil refiners. Since in the “Old” days, Sulfur, (now being “scrubbed out of the fuel) and Coke, were considered waste. Now the refineries are happy just to get rid of the stuff. Therefore the only cost evolved is the actual shipping. Coke is almost pure carbon which is a conductor of electricity. Anodes are made of Coke. Anodes are used for heat such in welding, search lights and the smelting of Aluminum. There is an interesting story about the smelting of Aluminum. The “heat” is caused by the direct arc, (short), of electricity. This is ascertained via the carbon Anode, which is consumed in the process. (Nothing, “matter” disappears or is “bunt up”; it just changes form(s). Such is the case of burning fossil fuel(s). In the internal combustion engine, Hydrogen combines whith Oxygen, (in the process causes heat, which in fact is the “energy”), forming water, the carbon combines whith the excess Oxygen and forms CO2. That my friend is the “Carbon”! Let us examine the word or phase “Foot-Print”. Could it be a print left in the soil by man or beast or maybe a mark, such as an animal marking their territory by urinating on plants. No, it is not a print of a foot in the sand. Rather it is a new “news media” term, just like “box cutter”, which is in reality a Utility Knife! Before that it was the word “terrorist”, just like before those terms it was “African” Bees that was terrorizing the nation. Then there is our neighbor countries that are refereed to as “Foreigners”= “U.S. Foreign policy”? How about Native Americans, (U.S. Bureaus of Indians Affairs)! Carbon by it self is harmless to life, however combined whith other elements it can become a pollutant. As in Nitrogen that can be changed into Nitric Acid.

London, England ( 5129’51.75″N, 0 7’47.65″W) was the site of a dense smog caused by heavy coal combustion during the winter of 1952, which killed approximately 12,000 people.