Evolution Creationism

No, space exploration has not disproved evolution. Firstly there is so much evidence that evolution is real on Earth that unless by space exploration we found out that the universe itself was created by a god or godlike being, we would not be able to utilize it to uphold religious beliefs, and even then we would be proving that a creator existed, but evolution would remain true as well. As in my opinion there is no creator or godlike being, let us move on to evolution.

Even if a god did exist we know by now that this god had a liking for evolution. There is much proof on Earth that evolution exists, so that even if we did discover a god, we would still be supporting the theory of evolution. Evolution is evident everywhere, and it does not take a terribly well trained eye to spot that birds have resemblances in their basic skeletal structure to dinosaurs, or humans to apes, etc. Evolution is so clearly evident that nothing but religious ignorance can put a cloud in front of it.

Everywhere we look, we see examples of evolution in action, not just evidence for it. Look at a group of birds fighting over a dropped sandwich. The strongest get to eat first, and the weakest eat little if any of the food. This alone proves that we exist on a planet inhabited by animals that fight for survival. Just this fact alone already supports evolution over creationism rather undeniably. In a creationist world animals would likely be more civilized and treat each other with more respect, if this creator were of the benevolent type.

Note then how animals struggle for survival, and those that adapt best to change survive whereas those that do not adapt become extinct. Birds are much smaller than non-avian dinosaurs, but have survived well over time by adapting. Indeed one could argue birds are far more successful than their non-avian relations. Examples of visible adaption are common. There are documented examples and all this makes creationism rather a weak opponent.

How might space travel even disprove evolution, one might well ask? It is an illogical statement to make to imply it could. Evolution is so well documented on Earth that the best thing for creationists would be if another planet with creationism evident was discovered, and we found out that a god created that planet. And of course this is illogical to suggest given our current data on the known universe.

Anyone who argues on the side of creationism is very ignorant of the truth in my opinion, and is looking in the opposite direction, turning a blind eye from the facts.