Evolution Creation Theories

Evolution=Theory. There are many theories including biblical and scientific. The one that is hardest to believe is evolution. There are those that believe that humans evolved from monkeys. According to Charles Darwin, who was an English naturalist. He had the idea that all species of life evolved from a common ancestor, through the process that he called “Natural Selection”. According to Darwin we have a common ancestor with monkeys, called a hominid. In biology evolution is the change in the genetic material of a population of organisms from one generation to the next, which would be the same as a baby growing into a child, then from a child to an adult. Darwin came up with the theory of evolution while exploring South America, in which he served as geologist, botanist, zoologist, and a general man of science. On the voyage they found fossils of extinct creatures that resembled those that are alive today. He publish all of his findings in 1840. Our technology has came along way since then. We know that dinosaurs roamed the earth, due to that fact that we have found bones and fossils. As to my knowledge we have not found the remains of a caveman or a half man, half ape. In the bible there is a scripture that tells of the creation of all animals great and small “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds; livestock, creatures that move along the ground, and wild animals, each according to it’s kind.” And it was so. The bible explains more than the theories of a zoologist ever could. Everyone has the right to there own opinion, but if you really think about it Evolution is really hard to believe. This theory doesn’t go along with any of the archaeological findings, the bible or any of the recent scientific discoveries. Not to mention the predictions of the bible that have come true. All the earthquakes, other natural disasters and famine. The Bible also predicted a World War III. As did, Michel de Nostradamus, a world famous French apothecary and seer, who came up with the Bible code, in which he used in his prophecies. He also predicted many major events, including Word War III. Though, he is considered popular culture, in the French Renaissance age he was well known for prophecy. Evolution has been a theory for centuries now, though no true proof exists there is a battle between science and religion. It’s Darwin vs. Intelligence, there is a way to involve science with religion, if you really look at the facts. However, evolution is not the way to do it. There are so many unexplained things and happenings out there, the creation of the earth and every living creature on it is no exception. Scientists weren’t here when the earth was formed, as we weren’t, so all anyone has to go on are educated guesses. Unless you believe in the Bible, which is a book of religious history and prophecies, if not more.